Gametap Previews Unreal Tournament 3

Gametap: "It hasn't even been a minute since I hit "start campaign" before I simultaneously ask and answer the following question: What's the weirdest thing about the newest Unreal Tournament title?

Yes, there is a story. One with characters, motivations, and chapters. There's an intro cinematic, and characters actually exchange dialogue without trying to shoot each other! I find myself in the bizarre position to give a story summary for the latest UT game. The game opens as the main character, Reaper (who resembles Marcus Fenix, but sans bandana and growly attitude and with a bizarre armored skirt) is trying to rescue his family and friends from a Necris attack on a colony. He gets taken out by the Necris, only to find himself revived and under the employ of the Izanagi corporation. Izanagi is in full-out war with the Axon Corporation over territory, and has hired you to help it win".

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Timesplitter143921d ago

''but sans bandana''

kingofPS3 is french-speaking! Muahahahah! (and me too)

felman873921d ago

This'll be my last game purchase this year. 07 was awesome and 08 is going to be better

Guwapo773921d ago

He said it felt weird playing the game on the PS3 with the controller. Because of that he didn't spend much time on it and went back to his PC. Did he not know he could play the PS3 version with a mouse and keyboard? That is absolutely the only way to play UT (effectively)...

jinn3920d ago

i think this game is also called Gears of War