GTA V to Launch As Digital Only Release?

GTA V will be unveiled for the first time tomorrow when Rockstar takes the wraps off the game's first trailer. It's unclear just how much information on the game will be provided, but one analyst believes the developer will be taking a bold step forward in advancing the digital market by making GTA V download only.

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steve30x2397d ago

I hope not because I dont have a credit card or debit card to use to buy games online.

r1sh122397d ago

then you automatically dont meet the age requirement to play it do you?? 18+
Im kidding

steve30x2397d ago

I am 38 years old and unemployed.

r1sh122397d ago

yes but being 38 would mean you will have had a job at 1 time..
therefore you have a bank account, therefore you have a debit card.
Debit cards get issued to anyone over the age of 16..
I worked in the banking industry.
Or use paypal

grailly2397d ago

it depends on the country, at 20 and with a job my bank refused to get me a credit card.

Disccordia2397d ago

Credit cards and debit cards not the same thing

steve30x2397d ago (Edited 2397d ago )

Yes I did have a job but I was'nt earning enough for the bank to give me a debit or credit card. I did try to get one , but they refused because I was below the minimum they would allow.

WOW! this site really is fully of disagree fairies. It seems three or maybe more people think they know me. Just to clarify that I am 38 my date of birth is 5th july 1973

r1sh122397d ago (Edited 2397d ago )

A debit card does not require a credit rating.
When I was 16 I had £6.38 in my account and still got a debit card.
Anyone with a bank account can have a debit card regardless of their employment status or earning capacity.

Im done with this now, if you havent got a debit card, call your bank and they will send you one

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CynicalVision2397d ago (Edited 2397d ago )

38 and not working? You're a fantastic member of society.

Just so you know, anyone can get a debt card. It's automatic that they provide one when you open a bank account.

steve30x2397d ago (Edited 2397d ago )

What the hell? I got laid off and there no jobs to be had here in this country. Also its not that easy to get a debiit card here in Ireland. Just because its easy to get a debit card in some countries doesnt mean its easy to get one in every country.

Also I have a lazer card , but it only works in Ireland. Ive tried online shopping with it , but not one online store would accept it. I also had a card that works as a Temporary Visa card that I could put money on and it would give me a Visa number that I could use on any online store , but there isnt anyplace local that will topup the card anymore. The good thing is the bank I am with will be updating my card to a Visa debit card mid next year.

@ r1sh12 : when I had a job two years ago I applied for both a Visa and Debit card , but my bank wouldnt give me one because I was not earning enough. Not all banks in every country are the same.

GuruStarr782397d ago

For PC,'ll never happen on consoles...... Not anytime soon, anyways..... maybe GTA 6, or 7.

Mr Patriot2397d ago

That analyst is even worse than Pachter .... how on earth do these people get their jobs

Wintersun6162397d ago

They pull them out of their arses. That's why they're ANAL-ysts.

kramun2397d ago

I doubt it, it would cut their sales.

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