First GTA V Trailer Coming Tomorrow; What We Hope it Reveals

Grand Theft Auto V makes it's debut tomorrow. Here's what GameZone hopes it will show them.

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athmaus2176d ago

meh not that excited about this game.

Shackdaddy8362176d ago

Then why did you even click on the link?

59fifty2176d ago (Edited 2176d ago )

he's an internet hipster.

ThatArtGuy2176d ago

The hipster in me prefers when the Chilean miners were still underground.

BlmThug2175d ago

Then please dont comment on this article and click on it. I dont go into a christian site and say "im not a christian".

athmaus2175d ago

i guess you dont konw what an opinion is...i guess only your opinion matters?

DemonStration2176d ago

Tomorrow should be an interesting news day

TheSanchezDavid2176d ago

Once I know what's up with this game straight from Rockstar, then I'll get started on GTA IV.

TrevorPhillips2176d ago

I know it will turn out good. It's Rockstar =]

Wintersun6162176d ago

I hope it's Los Santos / San Andreas. Those were fun times.

59fifty2176d ago

for sure, man.. if it is, hope there's a mount chiliad

Wintersun6162176d ago

Me too, can you imagine jumping down a side of the mountain with the new physics? Lol!

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