Superstars V8 Racing Cuts Price for All PSN Players

GamerFitNation writes: "Speeding through hairpin turns and swapping paint with other racers has just gotten more affordable. O-Games, Inc. has announced a permanent price reduction of its popularSuperstars V8 Racing™ game, making it even more accessible to all PlayStation® Network gamers."

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fredolopez2448d ago

too bad this isn't out on XBLA.

MrBeatdown2448d ago

Good deal, especially since it includes a platinum trophy, but I passed it up when it was on sale for $2.99 a month or so ago. It's probably worth it, but I figure it's one of those games that will end up on PS+ sooner or later.

gamerz2448d ago

This game badly needs a demo. The videos look good but without trying out the driving physics it's a total crap-shoot whether you'll like it or not.