Kinect plans big diverisification into surgery and education

Microsoft has revealed that it its Xbox Kinect game controller is planning huge diversification into the realms of surgery, healthcare and advertising as it announced 10m lifetime sales of the product. Dennis Durkin, CFO for for Xbox noted that he firmly expects many ‘killer apps’ to be developed for Kinect within up to 25 industries with Alan Kipman of Xbox further supporting the diversification attempt. Kipman added that he can ‘guarantee’ that within a year from now, educational as well as academic applications for Kinect will look ‘nothing like’ what they do at present.

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Ulf2451d ago (Edited 2451d ago )

I hope the voice commands aren't part of the surgury apps. That might get ugly.

John Kratos2451d ago

Nice that it's helping people.

mcstorm2451d ago

You have to give it to ms with what they are doing at the moment. Kinect is going to be a big change in allthings technology and with software like windows phone 7, windows 7, windows 8, new xbox dash and metro ui in general microsoft have started to become a creative company again giving us quality peoducts in everything new they are giving us.

I think the next 10 years are going to be very big for microsoft and kinect.

Hicken2451d ago

But, by and large, it's not really MS that's doing it. Not long after it came out, people were using their computers to do more with Kinect than MS had dreamed of. This current announcement comes months after medical teams have already been using Kinect for surgical applications, and they were doing so on their own.

mcstorm2451d ago

You have just answerd your own statement there people were using there own computers to program kinect. This was done by a windows pc and microsoft tools. Have you seen some of the videos ms have put out the selfs like the holodeck? Ms are doing alot of back room work on kinect and its showing with things like the new xbox dash and voice controles as well as minger tracking ect. Yes other companys will do some cool stuff with kinect but what ive seen so far ms is leading the wau with it.

Hicken2451d ago

.... so you're giving them credit because the PCs people were using run Windows? What about the ones running Linux?

Microsoft was last. Plain and simple. Once they saw what others were doing, they realized Kinect could bring money in outside of the gaming area, so of course they started pursuing it.

Holodeck? You mean like the hologram CNN showed off years ago during the presidential election, before Kinect was out? Yep, Microsoft is leading.

innovativeteaching2451d ago

I definitely see the value of this in education, although it may be a little early to see this in mainstream classrooms. I was browsing the site http://www.kinecteducation.... and found apps that teachers can use in the classroom, but I think the driver issues need to get fixed (SDK vs OpenNite) before we really start promoting this in education.

I think people are finally starting to realize that Kinect is an input device - much like a mouse or keyboard. Exciting times ahead!