Game Tap Gives Rock Band 10/10

"I never thought I'd say this, but I now pity rock stars. On the surface, we get to see all the glitz and glamour associated with being in a world-famous band--the mounds of money, fast cars, enormous houses, private jets, and the near endless adoration of fans. But what we normally don't get to see, or even understand, are the hazards of leading the life of a rock star. It's not about alcohol or drug abuse. No, it's far worse than that and if anything, it's the reason why the people in the music profession develop such addictions. And now, I, along with the other members of the band, am experiencing it--the absolutely horrid nightmare of being forced to play the same popular song over and over and over again because no matter which part of the world we're in, the fans demand it and the band manager demands it. There's nothing I can do to save myself from this hell on Earth", writes Game Tap.

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felman873957d ago

I need to pick this game up

Guwapo773957d ago

All these websites giving perfect ratings is getting out of hand. I've been gaming since '85 and I can't recall any game getting perfect scoring. Now this year alone every game that comes out is getting 10/10. Yes I'm exaggerating...but thats how it feels. There is no way so many of the flawed games are getting perfects...AC, Halo, CoD4 and the list goes on. These games are fun. But by no means are they perfect 10/10 or 5/5 or 100%.

Skerj3957d ago

Been saying the same thing man, we need to go to each of these reviewers and ask if the game they reviewed really is perfect in every way shape or form imaginable. If they say "yeah. ..but" WHICH THEY WILL, we punch them in the eye and make them review the game again. Even my most favorite games of all time I could only give a 9.5, because there is ALWAYS something that can be improved.