New Challenger: The Truth About Uncharted 3

Default Prime's Chris Stewart got his hands on an early copy of Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception. Find out what he thinks of the game and whether it really deserves such a legion of die-hard fans. "I thought that it would be interesting to see how Naughty Dog’s latest outing stands up to scrutiny, especially after the amusing number of people crying out about how some websites DARE to give slightly lower review scores than any of the others and how it’s all done JUST TO GET ATTENTION. Of course, it has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that review-writing is subjective by nature. Indeed, yours truly was accused of lying in this very column about the difficulty of Dark Souls just to score website hits (readers will be pleased to know that I am now gleefully splattered across half the game world!). For me, the writer is here to show the truth as he sees it, which is why I have decided to show you the cold, hard reality of Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception."

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jjb19812421d ago


fabod862421d ago

So? The "cold, hard reality" is about some issue with the subtitles, how Elena looks and how many times Drake say "oh Crap"... well, taking note... :/

MaxXAttaxX2421d ago

When 1 review out o 10 is less than positive. Maybe it's not the game, maybe it's you, LOL

GribbleGrunger2421d ago

no other console gets this amount of shite thrown at it and no other console could take it, brush it off and march on regardless. the scum we laughingly call the media are demonstrating once and for all what we PS3 owners have been saying for years now. it's no longer biased, it's hatred.

Hicken2421d ago

So he starts talking about the "cold hard truth" then admits his dislike of the subtitles- of all things- is willful ignorance. What the hell does he even NEED subtitles for? Am I wrong in believing that he seems to have a pretty good command of the English language, if NOT common sense?

He complains about one line of dialogue? Maybe he heard it so much because he was running up to enemies to blast them in the face with a shotgun?

And Elena's character design has changed some. Oh, well.

I'm absolutely glad this guy didn't give it a number grade; I can't imagine him giving it more than maybe a 7.5 or so. And why the hell would he review the sequel to a game he thought was just a "lackluster" outing last time?

MrChrisNo12421d ago

Maybe because he really enjoyed the original?

Hicken2421d ago

How many people loved the first but thought the second was lacking? How many people had GENUINE, LEGITIMATE gripes with UC2?

When somebody calls one of the most widely praised games in decades "lackluster," that should raise some questions. It's no different that downgrading UC3 for the way its story is told when you raved over UC2 doing that very same thing.

MrChrisNo12421d ago

These comments leave me wondering how many people read the article to the end...

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