Americas Weekly Chart, Week Ending 29nd Oct 2011

Americas Hardware
Console Weekly (change) Total
X360 150,237 (+30%) 33,831,42 6
PS3 110,540 (+32%) 21,233,296
Wii 105,643 (+21%) 42,303,353
3DS 90,698 (+21%) 2,130,735
DS 39,670 (+20%) 56,152,563
PSP 20,249 (+16%) 22,549,111
PS2 16,221 (+7%) 56,221,047
Total 533,258 (+25%)

Software Weekly Total

1.Battlefield 3 (X360) - 1,746,856
2.Battlefield 3 (PS3) - 959,951
3.Battlefield 3 (PC) - 294,661
4.Batman: Arkham City (X360) - 201,992
5.Batman: Arkham City (PS3) - 178,470
6.Dance Central 2 (X360) - 109,489
7.Just Dance 3 (Wii) - 99,152
8.Kinect Sports: Season Two (X360) - 81,666
9.Pokémon Rumble Blast (3DS) - 65,538
10.Mario Kart Wii (Wii) - 63,948

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darthv722451d ago

the ds was so close to the ps2 in overall sales in the US. Obviously that is a combined DS, DSL, DSi, DSiXL.

Technically the 3DS is part of the DS family but it is nice to see its numbers for a comparative to how it is selling against the other DS models.

AdvanceWarsSgt2450d ago

No, it's not. The 3DS is it's own separate line, hence why you can't play 3DS games on a DS.

By your logic, the PS3 and PS2 are all PS1s.

awi59512451d ago

They are pulling the pc numbers for Battlefield 3 out of their butts they dont know how many download copies where bought. They dont know how many was sold from random online sites throught the mail. Amazon has a 20 dollar discount on BF#

ABizzel12451d ago

Holiday sales already kicking in. People are shopping early.

Blastoise2451d ago

Just dance 3, dance central 2 and kinect sports? *Facepalm*

darthv722451d ago

there is a market for it. It may not appeal to some but it appeals to others.

Khordchange2451d ago (Edited 2451d ago )

Oh no, the wii is starting to pick up speed again...

A_Troll_From_Ign2451d ago

Why pc so low? Is steam counted?

A_Troll_From_Ign2451d ago

Why pc so low? Is origin counted?

Aggesan2451d ago

I dont think vgchart count at all. Theyre guessing.

aquamala2451d ago

Digital sales are not counted

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The story is too old to be commented.