GameTap Reviews Assassin's Creed

"Most things that you spend a long time anticipating don't live up to expectations. That concert you've been looking forward to for four months? Turns out the band is much better in the studio than they are live. That big present under the Christmas tree? It's not the flatscreen TV you've been dying for; it's a whiteboard organizer from Office Depot. The date with that cute person you've had a crush on for six months? His/her favorite topic of conversation is his/her ferrets' breeding habits. Often, these things aren't necessarily bad; they're just not good as the inflated visions you had of them were. Sadly, in my case, this includes Assassin's Creed", writes Game Tap.

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gamesblow3648d ago

Worst game of the year... Hands down. This is the biggest joke I've ever experienced. People wanted to Flog Untold Legends, Genji 2 and Lair... Well, atleast those were quality productions with no glitches and enemies that attacked more than 1 at a time. Not to mention Lair has some of the best graphics to date, as goes Genji 2. Genji 2 is the better product here... Sorry to say. You all might not like that, but when you play Genji 2 and stack up it's pros to Asscreeds cons, it's clear which game has more quality put into it.

Genji 2, Untold Legends, Lair, Folklore... All are better games than Assassins Creed, yet.. All got beloew average scores and didn't sell worth piss n' a cat dish. go figure.

TheExecutive3648d ago

Lairs production value was terrible. BOTH stories were terrible. Lair is a terrible game. Assassins creed is a so-so game, there is no way its the worst of the year. But i understand that you were exaggerating, I too was very very disappointed in AC.

the worst3648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

this is worst and the most over hyped game of the year

chanto233648d ago

but i liked Lair too so...

PS. The Worst is Kane and Lynch

1ben23648d ago

look...its not a problem you liked it at all...all we are saying
is that it just plainly sucked for us,

What the reviewer said is EXACTLY what i felt when playing :

"..Continually having to run away gets really tiresome; not in love with the story; cutscenes are waaaaay too long. "

And then people will tell you " you gotta play a little at a time to enjoy it " BS...i play as much as i want to,it should still be good.

its just ridiculous a game with so much hype just looks like a SUPERB climbing engine and then UBISOFT went like " ok now let's throw in some flags to collect, it should keep em going..."

Yes it is revolutionary that climbing engine, but could they PLEASE put it in a real game next time?

Maestro3647d ago

LAIR = Flop of the year

Assassin's Creed = Disappointment of the year.