The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Leaked on X360 10 Days Before Official Release

DSOGaming writes: "Oh boy, I still remember all those poor PC gamers that were blaming and cursing EA and THQ for the leaked PC versions of Battlefield 3 and Saints Row: The Third. The good thing - if you can call it a good thing - was that those pirated versions were not fully playable before their official release. In the land of consoles however, things are a bit different. And we can report at this point that the X360 version of the highly anticipated The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has been leaked to various torrent sites."

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NYC_Gamer2300d ago (Edited 2300d ago )

most of those people who pirate wouldn't have brought the game anyway

Bleucrunch2300d ago

So let me get this straight how is possible that someone gets a copy of the game a full days before it is suppose to release?? Unless they are currently in the process of mass disc production and someone on the assembly line sneezed and put a copy in their pockets and then out of the goodness of their hearts uploaded it to torrent sites?? I smell a version of crap that is very common when it comes to things like this.....

kcuthbertson2300d ago

The game has been done for weeks...stores like gamestop and eb games already have their copies. All it takes is one employee to take their copy home early.

Bleucrunch2300d ago

Oh I see then Gamestop is Lying when they say that games ship the day before it comes out when they really had weeks in advance??

kcuthbertson2300d ago



There is no feasible way that shipping companies would be able to ship that many games to that many outlets in just one day. It's logistically and financially impossible and impractical.

Blackdeath_6632299d ago (Edited 2299d ago )

reviewers and members of press get. gamestop would get it early if they have some one to review it(if not then they wouldnt). many many copies have already been sent to various websites the only reason they havent published reviews is that bethesda puts a ban on reviews untill a certain date wich is what most game developers do. one reason for this is that the reviewers actually get time to play the game before writeing alot of BS. if you work for or volunteer to work for a website like gameinformers or sumtin you would be playing the game at the moment.

Ricksta_132300d ago

10 days !!!
even so...I dnt think they'll progress to far ahead knowin how many hours a game like this can eat away

john22300d ago

Depends whether someone wants to speedrun it and destroy our gaming experience by posting a video of that speedrun

Blackdeath_6632299d ago

well the game will be different to everyone and theres plenty of stuff to do outside the storyline. i doubt anyone would attempt to speed run skyrim cus it wont be as fun.

Ren_2300d ago

I can understand people wanting to play the game early but pirating is never ok...

kcuthbertson2300d ago

If you're not going to buy the game, then ya pirating isn't right.

But honestly in my opinion, I've already paid for the game, if I had a 360 that was modded...I'd definitely be playing it early.

LightofDarkness2300d ago (Edited 2300d ago )

What if you were pirating a cure for cancer that was legally privately owned but only available to a select few privileged folk (for no good reason)?

Shades of grey, folks...

swice2300d ago

I hate it when people make comparisons like these. It's not shades of gray, it's dumb.
Why the hell would you make a comparison between cancer and pirating games? It's two COMPLETELY different things!

Pirating games? Eh, it sucks and it's wrong. Pirating a cure for Cancer?? Dude, that's like a crime against humanity.

Stop being so damn general with your statements and realize what you say before it comes out of your mouth. Seriously.

LightofDarkness2300d ago (Edited 2300d ago )

"pirating is never ok"

Just pointing out the fallacy of this statement. It is to prove that some times, it is morally correct to "pirate" (the real term is counterfeit).

"Stop being so damn general with your statements and realize what you say before it comes out of your mouth" you would do well to heed your own advice. Sounds like you've been saving that one up for a while and failed to check the context of what you are arguing about with the context of previous posts, in your hurry to blurt out your righteous indignation.

Thanks for playing, though.

@Ren_: Oh I know, I was actually being somewhat facetious as much as I was being serious, but the guy above is a little bit sensitive so I went for the pedantic route :p

Ren_2300d ago (Edited 2300d ago )

I have since qualified that statement with "pirating of games" as it was a very broad statement to make.

Edit: LightofDarkness - I can see why you'd want to do that but it is still illegal. Depending where you buy the game from, you may be entitled to take it back after X many days if it does not work correctly with your system and your system meets specified min specs.

I realize this is getting rarer these days however owing to how easy it is to burn a copy of a game and then return the original.

swice2300d ago

Fine. I apologize for jumping the gun "to blurt out my righteous indignation" out of context. However, it is still never ok to pirate or counterfeit or whatever you want to call it.

If this cancer-cure-hoarder was ever found, we should not secretly steal his cure, but publicly throw him in prison and publicly disperse it. Allowing him to continue to hoard it is just as wrong as stealing it.

I still don't agree with your comparison. It's a guilt trip with Red and Blue, not Gray. It has nothing to do with pirating video games. At all.

megacowdung2300d ago

omfg i laughed so hard when i saw this... CANCER and VIDEO GAMES LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Ren_2300d ago

Perhaps I should qualify my argument with pirating of games @ LightofDarkness ;)

@ kcuthbertson - I can understand where you are coming from too but I don't agree :P

LightofDarkness2300d ago

Well, again, it still has its uses.

In the realm of PC gaming, it is fairly common to "pirate" a game upon release to make sure it has no massive technical issues with your system before you buy it, especially since no one bothers to release demos any more. I did this with BF 3 recently, and still bought it, as well as my RAGE pre-order after I'd heard of the horrifying technical issues it suffered at launch (thankfully I was fine and kept my pre-order).

Moreover, old games which are no longer sold or supported should not simply be left to rot for fear of breaking the "no piracy ever" rule. They are part of our heritage and have immense nostalgia value for some.

Awesome-Xanto2300d ago

Wasn't there an article not the far back that had a picture that showed the X360 version when installed was only like 4 GB in size? So why is this version 7.79 GB in size?

Either way this is pathetic, if you want it buy it...

Raider692300d ago

the game is 7.9gb!but only 4gb stay install,the rest is streaming from the happens with lots of games.

Awesome-Xanto2300d ago (Edited 2300d ago )

Hmm on the PS3 I know it's like that, however on the 360 when you install the game your suppose to be installing the entire game. The disk is just needed to make sure you own the game. Considering the picture shown was for the 360 and not PS3, the entire game should only be about 4 GB technically.

So it doesn't make since for the game to be that different in size...

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