Cheating Problem Worse in Battlefield 3 than any Call of Duty

Many FPS titles are infested with cheaters and booster and it seems Battlefield 3 is not much different. Scanning the leader boards will confirm this as they are infested by people who have boosted their way to the top. A booster uses mechanics of the game in an unfair manner to gain massive amounts of XP (experience points) to level up very quickly. Boosting became “the cool thing to do” in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and it was difficult to play a game of Free for All without running into them. Now, the server browser in Battlefield 3 has taken boosting to a new level and has allowed boosters to easily manipulate the system and accumulate millions of unearned XP each game.

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yarbie10002330d ago ShowReplies(2)
Yi-Long2330d ago

... Just keep it simple, like Battlefield 2 and 1943, so no-one has a head-start, everyone is focussed on the game, and no-one gets left behind.

nycredude2330d ago

How does this make cheating worse on this than any COD. They all have cheaters!

Kleptic2330d ago

I my knowledge there is only one clipping glitch, that causes permanent invulnerability for the round...and i've only seen it happen on one map...

hardly ANY cod level of cheating...there were god mode glitches (the rock glitch, or whatever) that went on for nearly a year...

this is a week from release, this is absolutely nothing so far...

Kleptic2330d ago

the assault boost thing is getting pretty nuts...I see a few guys doing it occasionally even in conquest maps, they'll just plan a flag to meet at and take turns capturing the flag, and killing/reviving each other...its easy to see who is doing it on the score board, anyone with a lot of kills and zero deaths is usually boosting...not always, but when you see several guys all with 30+ kills...something's up...

and will end up with like 30,000 points a round, plus all the ribbon bonus's you get for capturing/defending after the round ends...and this is just guys getting away with it in normal matches...if they find their own server, the scores are ridiculous...

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The story is too old to be commented.