Upcoming First-Person Shooters Newsworthy, Weird

By this time next year, "BioShock," "Halo 3" and "Call of Duty 4" might be considered totally tame.

Three new shoot-'em-up games coming out in 2008 plan to pull the trigger on unique new machinations that could rouse some "Manhunt 2"-type controversy.

Will these games explode the boundaries of this megapopular gaming genre - or just shoot blanks?

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Dr Pepper3887d ago

Isn't Army of Two a third-person shooter?

MK_Red3887d ago

Well, it's Fox News ;)

tony3887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

wow. do they really think that those 3 games are going to make call of duty 4 and bioshock look lame? they know squat.

felman873887d ago

Bubble Red and his humorous comment

Lacarious3887d ago

They are nothing more than controlled puppets.

Doppy3886d ago

The only game I've heard of is Army of Two, and you're right it is a 3rd person shooter. And what makes it worst is that they even acknowledge it as a 3rd person shooter in the article and still manage to add it to this list. If anything it should be Killzone 2, Warhammer, and Resistance: FOM 2 on this list (the only hyped 2008 FPS I know about).

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Retro-Virus3887d ago

I wonder why they din't mention killzone-2 ?

You could scratch off Army of 2 eh ?

solar3887d ago

and this ladies and gentlemen is why i dont pay attention to organizations that dont know video games. Ao2 is a damn 3rd person shooter.

Bnet3433887d ago

LAWLERSKEET!!11shift!!11one!!! 1!!11!

Genki3887d ago

LoL. As if they didn't skew enough information to the general public. Now they're trying to put another dent in gaming journalism.

I have to say though, it could certainly use it. Maybe the ship needs to sink so journalists can finally wake up.

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The story is too old to be commented.