Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City Beta Planned For Release Early Next Year

GamersNewsFeed writes: "At the recent Capcom's Gamers Day event, we got some information that let us know that fans will have the ability to try the game before it release next year."

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xPhearR3dx2424d ago

Title says beta, article says demo. I'm starting to wonder if the world of journalism has become overran with little tweens.

GamersNewsFeed2424d ago

A multiplayer demo is practically the same thing as a beta. Take a look at some of the biggest gaming sites, e.i. IGN, and you will find them making the same references regarding multiplayer demos and betas.

xPhearR3dx2424d ago

No. A mulitiplayer demo is a mulitplayer demo. BFBC2 had a Beta AND a MP demo. Homefront had a beta AND a MP demo. Battlefield 3 had a beta, not a MP demo. When you play a demo, that's the finished product on what you'll be buying. A beta isn't a finished product.