New consoles must embrace the download space, says Limbo dev

IncGamers: Plus, installing games on a console "sucks".

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Letros2423d ago

Sounds like he made a lot of money from Limbo's Steam release.

JsonHenry2423d ago

Steam is like an indie devs best friend in a lot of ways. At least when it comes to turning a profit.

mandf2423d ago (Edited 2423d ago )

They can make money off any network. The all have a sell feature for people to buy. On all networks developers can choose how much they want to sell their game for. Turning a profit is possible on all networks. From my experience Indies are no different from big publishers it a game is good, word of mouth will sell your game. No game is less relevant or visible in my eyes when I browse any of the networks. You comment reeks of disdain or lack of knowledge for other networks. Bottom line no network has an advantage in being able to make a profit.

Letros2423d ago (Edited 2423d ago )

Except indie devs turn a MUCH larger profit on Steam, see Super Meat Boy.

Infact there are some devs focusing only on Steam/PC now because they make their desired income, and the platform allows for much more. Jonathan Blow, Team Meat, Frictional.

You should check out the humble indie bundles too, Voxatron, a game in alpha state, has already raised $220,000+ in 1 day(13 days to go), lets see that kind of cash flow on PSN/XBLA.

JsonHenry2423d ago

don't mind mandf. He is threatened by PC gaming and network success. Obviously, anyone that reads financial reports on gaming related products knows that indie devs make more money on the PC platform.

And mandf's comment "reeks of disdain or lack of knowledge for other networks". :D

mandf2423d ago (Edited 2423d ago )


Steam is the only one that post sales of Indie games or retail games for their network. You have no clue or does anyone else about Live or Psn sales. So speculate all you want. Some sales do better on Steam and some do better on Psn or Live. The only reason Pc has more Indie games is because of free middleware. You elitist Pc attitude shows. Nothing you or I can say will back outlandish claims about sales. All figures for sales are not public knowledge. Just because a couple devs wether be 2 or a dozen proves nothing.


Let's see a multiplat on Pc out sell consoles. Stop acting superior. More multiplats sell on consoles and that's a fact. The money is in consoles. The developers say so. Look where all the game development is.

Saladfax2423d ago


PSN and XBL aren't the ones who post profits/sales. The devs do.

Plus, you're projecting the PC elitism on others while blindly trying to promote consoles in a completely null argument. If you think Team Meat, Frictional, and Jonathan Blow are lying, why don't you email them and say so.

Just because people call you out for being ignorant doesn't mean they're being elitist. Stop telling people to be less elitist while blabbering about how multiplats sell better on consoles.

In fact, just go away.

mandf2423d ago (Edited 2423d ago )

@ saladfax

The whole argument is stupid when it's based on 3 or 4 developers who claim better sales on one platform. What about the other hundreds of indie developers where are their sales for all platforms? Based on 3 or 4 doesn't make it fact. That is my argument. Those 3 or 4 developers also have egos and spout off at the mouth rather than stay classy and develop or promote their next game. You hide behind the fact Pc gamers of late have become the worst fanboys. That elitist attitude gives Pc gamers a bad name. I stuck up for other networks when the elitist up top made up facts based on 3 or 4 developers sales. Like I said you have no facts to back up any network claims unless a dev says the sales numbers which most don't.

Saladfax2423d ago

And yet you're still sitting around here, basing your entire series of arguments upon assumptions that everyone else is an elitist jerk and not you.

You should consider licensing yourself out for powerpoint presentations; you're just so damn good at projecting.

About your arguments. No, *I* don't have particular facts to back it up, but then again you ignored the individual who did, so it's pretty obvious you don't care about fact or reason. Regardless, more than a few of the top tier, most successful indie developers have said on more than one occasion that the sales and development environment has been better for them on PC with Steam. This isn't about devs being arrogant; these are simple observations about the console download market. Right now, PC does more of it than consoles. Is this a judgment? Does this make consoles bad? Of course not. No one said it. No one even implied it.

This isn't about petty console versus PC bullshit. This is about developers simply talking about their experiences. Once again, cut your fanbrat bullshit and stop feeling like you have to leap to the defense of your chosen system. Or better yet, maybe take a look at PSN and XBL and think of what they could possibly do to improve. Oh nono no nooooo. They're too perfect. Nothing could *ever* be changed.

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DA_SHREDDER2423d ago

I wish I could install all my games on my ps3 like I can on my 360. It could add years of operation to a console, especially the bluray drive.

TooTall192423d ago

My bluray drive broke two nights ago...

Enigma_20992423d ago

So instead of sending it in for repairs, you came up here to b**** about it?

Fishy Fingers2423d ago (Edited 2423d ago )

More likely he decided to share as he replied to a comment concerning the life of your PS3 hardware.

Overly sensitive Enigma.

Enigma_20992422d ago

My apologies... but I was here during the whole "we hate SONY" bullcrap on this site, so can you really blame me?

TooTall192422d ago


If you took a quick look at my previous comments or PSN profile you would know I don't hate Sony. If anything PS3 users should take it as a word of warning. The two times it happened to me I was in the menus for an online mp game.

Game installs would help avoid my situation.

ChickeyCantor2422d ago

"My apologies... but I was here during the whole "we hate SONY" bullcrap on this site, so can you really blame me?"

You could also...just care way less you know ;)

Enigma_20992421d ago


That would be true, if they didn't try so d*** hard to get us to care. And they tried D*** hard.

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nycredude2423d ago

I am more concerned with how I am going to find time playing all the games on my ps3 than the lifespan of the hardware.

I love how first everyone complains about the installs on ps3 games and now it's great to install every game on the Ps3 like the 360... Just funny how things are here.

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Apollyn2423d ago

I hate downloads my isp is terrible!

iamnsuperman2423d ago

Well downloading takes a while. Imagine downloading BF3 day one. It took me long enough to download Infamous 2 festival of blood. Consoles are embracing the download space but only for small games. Big games, at the moment are next to impossible to be download only. It may be cost effective for the developer but there would be crashes and massive download time. For now download only games are way off.

Bobbytheblobby2423d ago

maybe when we've all got 2gb connections like in south korea i'll want to download all my games

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