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Ren_2426d ago

Not long left now :D

Wonder if anyone else is going to ignore the making of DVD for the first month or so like me xD

Really would like to watch it but want to get stuck into the game even more :P

arnyftw2426d ago

I didnt buy collectors edition so that I dont get distracted by all the extra stuff.

TheBlackMask2426d ago

The Making of DVD shouldn't of even been in the CE since we shouldn't be paying for free stuff.

With all these Making of videos coming out I still stand by my point. I would of rather had something which would of fully justified the price.

Ren_2426d ago

What swayed my decision in the end to purchase the CE was that I really didn't mind paying the extra price tag as it was a way in which I could support the developers for the great games they have produced :) I

Well that... and the dragon :P

SuperSaiyan42426d ago (Edited 2426d ago )

I am still trying to get over how they made it only 3.8gb on the consoles the graphics still look amazing for a console but damn only 3.8gb?? Also you can see in one of the developers eyes how red they look damn they must have had tons of sleepless nights making this :( but damn they have truely made an epic easily the game of the year imo.

@Arnyftw what 'all the etc stuff'? LOL

bigrob9042426d ago

cab i just get the game, cuz im really starting to get pissed off.
I WANT IT NOW!!! Please.

digitalkid2426d ago

There's some PC footage and it looks AWESOME!!!

Arghhhhhh.. 9 days!!!

Darkfiber2426d ago

I'm surprised this game is already coming out. They've shown so little of it, pretty much just 1 demo since it was announced. Hopefully that's nothing to worry about.

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