Call of Duty 4 Gets 10/10 From Acegamez

"Not many games deserve a full ten out of ten, but Call of Duty 4 isn't just a game. Call of Duty 4 makes it easy to see why gaming is bigger than the film industry now; its superb, topical touchy story is big screen material and I'm giving nothing away bar the synopsis - you're not fighting the Germans for a change, instead you're a member of the SAS and you're after a terrorist that would make Bin Laden look like Santa Claus by comparison, although I'd dread to think what Bin Laden would leave you under the tree if you've been naughty instead of nice this year. I highly doubt it would be coal! The whole story looks like it was based on real events. In a way, it could be. The story then is so heartfelt, brimming with so much emotion and courage that it makes you feel real feelings. I become attached to my superior, I sympathised with civilians and I thanked the Lord Bill Gates that none of this was real," writes Acegamez.

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tony3830d ago

great multiplayer. great experience overall.

Kaneda3829d ago

I have been playing online... there are only 7-8 maps.. I played for 2 hours... seem like I am playing the same maps again and again...

felman873830d ago

one of the best games of 07

Eclipticus3830d ago

i would of given this a 9 or 9.5 simply because the single player is so short. not that, thats a knock, but some people dont view multiplayer as best thing since pong. oh well, ill give it a rental. and beat it over a weekend.

plexdk3830d ago (Edited 3830d ago )

it's not too small.

This game is one of the few, which weight quality over quantity. And they do it well, I think. I'm sure they could have made it longer, but then it would just be too repetitive.

Imho they did a good job, and they focused hard on the quality, ie. makingit a movie like experience with lots of details, without making it monotom.

SpinalRemains1383829d ago

I prefer the setup of cod - cod3 multiplayer where you log on and see a list of available rooms, the map being played and the number of ppl in the room. That way I can choose which map I'd like to play at that moment rather than waiting 30 seconds to play vacant which I hate. We have no control as to what goes on when we play publicly. It kinda sux

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