Mark Hamill Is Not Done With Voicing The Joker After All

To many fans, Mark Hamill's take on The Joker is the definitive one, both on the long-running Batman: The Animated Series and the best-selling Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City games. So news that he may never again voice the character was quite distressing!

Well, according to recent Tweets by Hamill, he's not quite done with voicing the Joker just yet.

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mafiahajeri2182d ago

GOOD!! countinue aslong as you can! Best voice actor in history.

Sugreev20012182d ago (Edited 2182d ago )

Yup,he is astonishingly good as the Joker.I associate with his VO whenever I read Joker stories in Batman.

darthv722182d ago


All kidding aside. He has tried to break the typecast role of luke skywalker for years. His work on the batman animated series and now the game has done well to break that image. He wouldnt give that up because no matter how ugly he gets his voice will still be good for voiceovers.

Last I saw him on screen was as cocknocker in jay and silent bob strike back.

SilentNegotiator2182d ago (Edited 2182d ago )

Mark Hamill took small pay when he played Joker in some of the cartoons. He did it because he loved the roll.

So it's not a matter of taste or money.
Thus, I am not surprised by him not really retiring.

However, I wouldn't have minded seeing John Di Maggio take over. His Joker was pretty good in that recent Red Hood flick.

kma2k2182d ago


Sooooo is he not really dead then?

Grip2182d ago

why u bother to ask? he is not reading ur Question nor Rocksteady


He is dead and Hamill probably won't voice the Joker again, but he is saying that he would only voice him if it were for something special like an adaptation of the classic graphic novel: 'The Killing Joke!''

Pozzle2182d ago

I think it's always a possibility. It is the Joker after all - He never stays dead. So if Rocksteady want to bring him back, I wouldn't be surprised if Hamill comes back too.

MasterD9192182d ago


This game sold too many copies to not make a sequel and I don't think anyone could play a better Joker...

CryWolf2182d ago (Edited 2182d ago )

Mark Hamill going to be on Batman Arkham 3 as the joker again I like Mark's voice acting and Kevin Conroy as batman in both games and the batman animated series the best characters they voices, Mark Hamill is awesome in the original Star Wars movies and joker isn't dead yet?

Buuhan12182d ago

This is like the third time he's said "I'm done voicing him." only to turn around and say "Nevermind."

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