Olivia Wilde is NOT the new Lara Croft

Despite rumors, it looks like actress Olivia Wilde will not be playing Lara Croft in the Tomb Raider film reboot.

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ironfist922117d ago

Good. She's bangin and all, but her physique just doesnt scream Lara to me, and certainly not to the same caliber of Angelina baby-stealing Jolie.

lelo2play2117d ago (Edited 2117d ago )

She's very good looking... but doesn't have the boobs to play Lara Croft

DarkBlood2117d ago

so? Angelina didnt either come on lets see the movie about lara croft (tomb raider) and not about boobs which you can get elsewhere if it matters to you so much lol :P

young juice2117d ago

wait. isnt that thirteen from house? how she gonna find time to even make a movie?

have not seen house in a good minute so iim not sure if shes still on it or not

MintBerryCrunch2117d ago

shes not been on house for awhile now, she is doing a lot of movies, that's why i guess the rumors happened

C_Menz2117d ago

She is done on House, was in first episode this season and it pretty much ended her part in the show. As far as her as Lara I'm fine with it since she is a good actress.

Trainz2117d ago

Are you serious?
I have GOTTA disagree with you there.

Captain Qwark 92117d ago

those movies suck and future movies will suck, so many other video games that should be made into movies, that series is not one of them.

FlashBack2117d ago

damn, whenever I see her eyes my jaw just drops :O

svoulis2117d ago

Hollywood can give anyone boobs but she would make a good LOOKING Lara. Not a good acting one.

Tanir2117d ago

Olivia wilde is sexy as EFF, def hotter than wrinkled old lips Jolie, but she doesnt have the boobs, though with all these super skinny anerexic actresses who has the boobs for it anyyway? they would have to fiind a totally different girl, honestly i would skip the boobs part and just pick wilde

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The story is too old to be commented.