Players Will Be Able to Preload Skyrim on Steam

Pre-load Skyrim on your PC to ensure access the second it launches.

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athmaus2267d ago

thats pretty cool, but i prefur ths on my 360

Si-Fly2267d ago

Strange I have a 360, PS3 and PC and there's no way I'd buy this for either of my consoles. Is your pc not powerful enough or something?!

athmaus2266d ago

i have all three as well, but i spend enough time on my pc each day for work...that why i want on 360

Si-Fly2266d ago

Errr, okay ... Most people use a pc at work lol. That certainly seems like a strange reason to use for playing an inferior version of a game but each to his own I guess...

sohaben2266d ago

you say inferior, i say i can sacrifice some graphical improvements for the comfort of my bed and a 360 controller in my hand.

the ONLY reason i wish my computer was powerful enough is for the mods, but thats it. We've already seen the game on 360 and it looks amazing.

athmaus2266d ago

I work at home already in my office all day long...i personally like going to my living room andplaying games then being in my office longer than i want to be =P

parrighi2266d ago

DVI to HDMI, use TV as second monitor, plug-in 360 controller. Problem solved! :D

11/11 12:00AM can't come soon enough!

Si-Fly2266d ago

What I'm gathering from this guy is he probably bought a pc for work that is incapable of running Skyrim as well as his 360, there'd be no shame in him admitting that but he chooses to go on a defensive rant instead!

Back on point, me too, super excited about getting this preloaded and staying up later than I should for a midnight geek on it lol!

DemonStration2267d ago

Now I just need to preload a week off to play it

Letros2267d ago

12:00 AM double click sounds good to me

ATi_Elite2267d ago

It's only the fastest way to play.

ambientFLIER2267d ago

The fastest way to play would be to change your icons to single click.

Saryk2267d ago

Not to burst the console guys bubble. There will be so many mods , PC is the best choice.

Just look at the Oblivion mods, some are good, but some are damn good.........

ambientFLIER2267d ago

omg omg omg??? preload!!!! thanks for teh artikle!!!