Final Fantasy XIII-2 boxart

Check out the updated boxart for Final Fantasy XIII-2.

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Kenshin_BATT0USAI2152d ago

I really hope this is the NA boxart. Cause I love it!

TheCagyDies2151d ago (Edited 2151d ago )

It's the same like the FFXIII's NA box art, just with her in armor and the new logo. I do like matching box arts.

I think I know what the FFVersusXIII's NA boxart is going to be, Noctis standing on the left with a sword with the logo on the upper right corner with a dark background.

TheBlackMask2151d ago

I hope FFVersus just goes back to the classic and simple boxart with the title and then the symbol in the titles background

TheCagyDies2151d ago

You mean the Japanese way, Starting from FF7, All Japanese Final Fantasy covers (and most of the European covers) were always just the logo and background illustration. The North American ones were a collage of the main cast of characters (8,9,12) or the main character standing in one of the game's environments (7, 10).

TheBlackMask2151d ago

Oh I never realised they did it differently with the UK they do it like the Japanese box art.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI2151d ago

Honestly I mainly like the FF13 boxarts because lightning is just a gorgeous character. Not only does she have attitude and can kick ass, but good looking too at that.

Son_Lee2151d ago

Amazing boxart. Cannot WAIT for this game!

Hicken2151d ago

Apparently, some people disagree with my desire for this game. That's interesting.

Tommykrem2151d ago

I was hoping they were aiming to please the fans by having a traditional logo-on-white-background boxart, but I guess what really matters for the fans is what's on the inside of the box.

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