Video Game Console Wars

CNBC takes a look at the video game wars brewing this holiday shopping season, with Dan Hsu, editor in chief of Electronic Gaming Monthly, and MarketWatch's Herb Greenberg.

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The Killer3887d ago

they want to hide any success to the ps3!! of course ps3 is not the winner of this holiday but neither 360! the winner is Wii!! so 360 and ps3 they r on the same level of hard ware selling and yes software is for 360 they r selling more but thats abvious because they have bigger install base due to the 1 year early launch!

2008 is the year for ps3 can we all agree about that??

Rooftrellen3887d ago

With games for the Wii like Brawl, Endless Ocean, No More Heroes, Mario Kart, Mushroom Men, Okami, Monster Lab, Animal Crossing, Disaster: Day of Crisis, Dragon Quest Swords, and FF: CC (I'm so glad I saved this list) comming to the Wii, I don't think the PS3 will run away with anything next year.

Also, let's not assume all of the games annouced for next year will be the only ones comming next year. Any console could still land a few as-of-yet-unannouced monster hits.

THAMMER13886d ago (Edited 3886d ago )

Right at 1 min.30 sec. mark of the video they mention it.

TO be completely real with you the 360 is only selling like crazy in the U.S. but that just happens to be enough for 2nd place globaly behind the Wii. PS3 is in 3rd with less than pleasing software. The 360 software is double that of the Wii and PS3 globaly. Did the light bulb just go off in you head or waht?

The Killer3886d ago

and we didnt say wait for lair or heavenly sword, we said wait for mgs4 and ff13 and killzone2 and littlebigplanet!
ps3 is the future! dont u get it guys?? 360 is the right now present!

JCITY3886d ago (Edited 3886d ago )

that list sucks...give me a break...the wii is not selling because of games...we all know this!!their games are terrible with the exeption of a few....very few..they sell because everybody and there mother wants wii's ....what the problem there?? peoples mothers dont want play video games..or should i say buy video games ... sorry to say...but the wii fad will end soon...there all collecting dusts as we speak..hardcore gamers buy games...the wii's software charts are never talked about...because no one buys the games...they got all them systems out there but yet they don't sell that many games...disagree if u want but i'm right

BIoodmask3886d ago

I think you need to do some research. It is true that Xbox 360 owners buy the most games. But the PS3 and Nintendo Wii games attach rate per console sold is relatively close.

"According to statistics from research firm NPD, and reported on, Microsoft sell 7 games per Xbox 360 console sold, Sony sell 4 games per PS3, and Nintendo comes bottom of the class, selling only 3.44 games per Wii sold."

The Wii does come in last but only by a .56 margin.

wiizy3886d ago

oh yeah. why isnt the ps3 selling.... since sony fanboys were always counting on lair and heavenly sword to boost them to number 1... and why isnt xbox still on top.. the wii is selling because it has games everyone wants..not just the toy soldiers out there

Lygre3886d ago

The Wii, PS3 or 360 can sell forty gazillion units for what I care. As long as I have a console with great games and a good online service then I'm happy.

Right now I'm playing Mass Effect, Halo 3 and COD4. I'm happy =)

jinn3886d ago

Xbox360 is your winner kids

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