Saints Row the Third Gameplay (UAV Reaper Drone, Havoc & Vehicle Customization)

@XG247: Fancy some more Saints Row the Third? Well, here you go! - Take a look at the UAV Reaper Drone, Havoc & Vehicle Customization!

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steve30x2119d ago

GTA Badly needs a car customisation like that.

teedogg802119d ago

Hopefully GTAV will have it.

aman84r2119d ago

I dont think they'd ever do it.

teedogg802119d ago

This is gonna be great! Two more weeks!

BlmThug2119d ago

This season has been the greatest gaming year for me ever

rattletop2119d ago

lol@ ur avatar and ur comment

StanSmith2119d ago

Violition... Please stop! There is far too much awesomeness in your game that i am considering doing a cartman. Just need to find someone to help me freeze myself!

This is gonna be a long 2 weeks. Seriously cannot wait to get my hands on this!

mike_d_2119d ago

I've been wanting this game for sooooooo long!! And it's finally right around the corner.It's fun unlike that other game i shall not name .