Gran Turismo 5 Spec 2.0 Trailer Looks Pretty Awesome

Check out this new trailer from GT5.

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PirateThom2121d ago

The Spec 2 intro is so much better than the original intro, it doesn't have My Chemical Romance.

blaziliuz122121d ago

Actually,for me the song was pretty suitable for the intro.IMO

killerhog2120d ago

I thought both intros were awesome and caught the feel and passion of cars fanatics

St02121d ago

Why's this getting posted again?

Jamaicangmr2121d ago

i am under the same cloud of confusion as you. I almost booted up GT5 thinking i missed something.

nix2121d ago

man.... i watched F1 race in Delhi two days back... i so wanna put this game and drive the F1 car. sadly i'm away at my parents place. plus... Uncharted 3 comes out today. sigh.

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