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If Uncharted 3 proves anything, it’s that Naughty Dog may be the most versatile studio in videogames. Their ability to craft tightly paced cinematic action, lighthearted narratives, endearing characters, and paint it with technical wizardry is unparalleled. Every single aspect of Uncharted 3, including its surprisingly robust multiplayer, is staggeringly well-executed. If you love videogames, Uncharted 3 is a game that needs to be part of your vocabulary. And if you don’t really play videogames, there’s still a lot here for you to appreciate anyway.

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fabod862448d ago

why have i to wait until tomorrow? :(
i want it NOW! :P

SAE2448d ago (Edited 2448d ago )

why the code doesn't work ? .. i have bean trying to activate it for 3 days , it's not used , im sure of it...

i can't play online or co-op , only campaign / splitscreen co-op / Lan ...

fabod862448d ago

maybe it doesn't work until the release date(today in US). i don't know...

Ultr2448d ago

yeah servers are up, and the codes only work after the Playstation Store Update!

SAE2448d ago

when the store updated ?..

Tyre2448d ago

Couldn't use the codes either...mmmm have to wait then.