280°'s Top 5 Things You Didn't Expect to See on Black Friday

The tallies are starting to roll in. today revealed Black Friday shopping data from its site showing continued growth as consumers go online to kick off this holiday season on Thanksgiving Day. Popular product categories from Black Friday include: Electronics, Computers, Clothing, Cameras and Video Games.

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skyline20033953d ago

I got me a 50" DLP 1080p Samsung for $999. Was able to order online so i didnt have to wait in those lines. Bought it at 12:26 AM Thursday morning. Woot!

solar3953d ago

hey nice TV skyline!! my roomy has the 50" DLP 720" Samsung and its beautiful. hope ya like it buddy :D

Mycococo3953d ago

i thought the 360 would be on that top selling list (4 friends of mine picked one up) but i guess that was only local. i guess its mostly family types out on that day hence the wii being a top seller.

solar3953d ago

Top Five Things We Didn't Expect to See on Black Friday

2. Video Games -- The Nintendo Wii dominated the hotly-contested video game console marketplace with a sales lead increase of 467 percent over 2006

wow, that snuck rite up on ya huh? Wii's selling out every month didnt even hint at that, you brilliant idiot.

ReBurn3953d ago

What surprised me was the Zune.

Bnet3433953d ago

Everyone dismisses it because it's made by Microsoft. I am an iPod person only because iTunes is my favorite, but I've heard alot of great things about the Zune.

IntelligentAj3953d ago (Edited 3953d ago )

What surprised me was that people were actually spending money despite the economy on the verge of a slowdown and the whole subprime mortgage mess, which was supposed to leave people with less disposable income. Maybe not...

EDIT: Yeah I know. Most of them probably didn't pay a bill or something just to buy some of that stuff. It's a shame because most don't know that you can get just about the same deals online.

Tsalagi3953d ago

They'll be regretting it next year.

Bnet3433953d ago

pretty much slept till' 12 PM, woke up and ordered a DS Lite at regular price. The Zelda DS didn't interest me.

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The story is too old to be commented.