Console Domination: Dark Souls Review

Console Domination writes: 'Prepare to die!' These words, written on the back of the cover slip for Dark Souls on the Playstation 3, couldn't be more prophetic if they had been written by Nostradamus himself. It is quite fitting that the 'Spiritual Successor' to Demon's Souls seems to be harder and more unforgiving than its predecessor and even though Dark Souls isn't a true sequel you cant help but to draw comparisons between the two games.

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Philoctetes2451d ago

Fantastic game. I'm putting off Uncharted 3 and Skyrim for now thanks to the addicting nature of Dark Souls.

Also, I'm starting to think that Ornstein and Smough might be the best boss fight I've encountered in video games so far. That one is epic.

NovusTerminus2451d ago

They were awesome. But so far I like The Gaping Dragon, The Chaos Witch, and Great Wolf Sif.

Vinushka2450d ago

I just beat Nito. Yay.
Honestly, that run through darkness was harder than the Nito fight itself.
Next... Four Kings...

Dark Souls is an excellent game. It's a game everyone should play at least once.

DaTruth2450d ago

Took down Nito first. Took down Seath today... Also going after the Four Kings next!

I'm pretty close to The Chaos Witch, but I rely heavily on Pyromancy and I'm getting sick of fighting fire enemies that are immune to Pyromancy... and there's so many bosses down there!

Vinushka2450d ago

I defeated both Nito & Seath today. I was really disappointed with Seath, to be honest. Nito was only a challenge because of those skeletons that keep attacking you as you're fighting him. I died like three times because they got in the way of my rolling.

Ha, I'm in the same position as you. I've leveled up a bunch of my Pyromancy to the max... so I take it the game is going to get pretty tough around that area you're in. Sounds... fun. xD