Resistance 2 in 2008, Syphon Filter PS3 in 2009, According to PSM3 write:

"There have been smidgens of review scores from PSM3's Christmas Edition, but not so much has been seen of the news section in the magazine. And oh, there are a bunch of treats held within its pages. There is news on Resistance 2, and next-gen outings of Hitman, Prince of Persia, and Syphon Filter. Carry on reading over at"

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skyline20033919d ago

Resistance 2 im def looking forward 2. Syphon Filter... Meh... Not so much.

Polluted3919d ago

Syphon Filter 1 and 2 were some of the best games on PS1. Aparently the ones on PSP are really good too. Maybe you just tried one of the sucky Syphon Filter games? Don't count the new one out just yet. I bet it's going to be awesome. When done right they really strike a perfect balance between stealthy Splinter Cell style play and all out action.

Douche3919d ago (Edited 3919d ago )

So much PS3 related news. It is nice to know that the PS3's future is really secure with many great games coming around more and more corners. Gosh, just to recap on all we already know for the PS3 in 2008: Killzone 2, InFamous, Far Cry (the PS3's Crysis if you will), MGS4, Resistance 2, Socom, Final Fantasy XIII, Haze (if not by this Christmas), Little Big Planet, God Of War 3 (possibly), Eight Days (can't wait to finally see this game, late '08 is a good prediction), WarDevil, The Getaway(the sequel or a PS3 version?), Heavy Rain...geez, and that's still not all of them, i'm having trouble keeping track of em all. And btw, I'm just listing the exclusives. And if I might say so, those are all looking to be AAA titles for sure. I think that alone can show why 2008 is being predicted as PS3's year to truly shine. That I'm willing to bet.

ruibing3919d ago

I loved the Syphon Filter series on the PSP. It is a tactical shooter that has a simple control and a very good combat system. I can't wait for it to be released for the PS3.

skyline20033919d ago

Just not a fan. Not knockin the game. I tried playing it on PC but i just never got into it. Personal opinion thats all

sonarus3919d ago

i am currently playing the new syphon filter for psp and its awesome. For them to pull off a great syphon filter for ps3 though they would need to seriously overhaul it to make it look next gen. They can't even use the same character models. However syphone filter on psp is really good so they can definetly do it. Glad ps3 is getting far cry would this be far cry 1 or 2 cus i think 360 was also gettin far cry as well and offcourse the big news being resistance 2. I cant wait to see it

Douche3919d ago

The PS3 Far Cry is an exclusive and it isn't a remake either. It is going to be a whole new game/story. Which will most likely become a franchise for the PS3. Won't that just rock? I'm so pumped for that.

Timesplitter143918d ago

Resistance 2 for me also. I really liked RFoM's singleplayer. I just hope they make changes for online. I didn't like the amount of damage you could take and the precision of the M5A2 Carabine. And this is why 90% of the games had one shot kills, which I hate. But don't get me wrong, I loved this game!

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unlimited3918d ago

the ps3 isnt selling blah blah..shut sold up to 6 million in one year ..just like the 360 ..and they will sell even more when more games start to drop...

BruceLeroy3918d ago


You're really sad. I can show you pics of all the 360s just sitting around at my Besy Buy and Circuit City as well. Get a life you stupid loser.

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Douchebaggery3919d ago

Syphon Filter is always getting poo-pooed on but I've always liked that series

wangdiddy823919d ago

is going to be huge.. Cant wait for that game..

Syphon Filter was awesome when it first came out on the ps1.. than it kinda faded on consoles.. But than became awesome again on the psp.. I think it should be a lot better on the ps3.. Lets hope so..

QuackPot3919d ago (Edited 3919d ago )

SF started off great but then faded off with sequels.

But face paced action - and taser - was so much fun.

SF needs an extreme makeover and I'm confident the developers will get it right this time.

Uncharted set in Washington DC, with a gorgeous Russian chick sidekick & your usual hordes of pesky terrorists or greedy business mogel.....hell, yeah!

Bring it on.

Jandre023919d ago

But it has to be rough for them lately. Their last major title which was supposed to be like the god of all games came out with so so reviews. Next year we see almost every major AAA IP that has sculpted gaming for the past 7 years coming to the PS3, and all of them are exclusive except for 2.

Thats not even talking about Killzone 2 or LBP.

If you dont know what im talking about, heres a list for ya
DMC4 LBP Killzone2 Socom GTA God of War GT5 MGS4 FF13

Now add Resistance 2 (which will be amazing)
And exclusive Syphon Filter.

God I love my PS3. Maybe its time to hop on board Xbox fanboys.

xplosneer3919d ago

God of War 3 next year on PS3? I doubt that.

Polluted3919d ago

It's definitely good news for PS3 owners, but you're just begging to get flamed dude.

Jandre023919d ago

I dont know if that means 2009, because Q1 is march right?

AznSniper3919d ago

I was thinking God of War 3 would be in 2009.

God of War (2005)
God of War II (2007)
God of War III (2009?)

Jandre023919d ago

and I might have gone a little overboard, however there isnt much they can say towards it. The PS3 has always had better games coming and is the console with the most potential.

Its not like people can't go and pick up a PS3, and its not like the 360 isnt going to be less successful than the original. However as far as which one is better or worse, its no contest. They only advantage is price and that has been trimmed this year. IF you dont get a PS3 next year then you would have to be an extreme fanboy/ really really really hate sony.

FirstknighT3918d ago (Edited 3918d ago )

Yeah that's right. Keep waiting sucka! I been playing AAA titles all this year. Someday you'll get one. Maybe next year.

"Their last major title which was supposed to be like the god of all games came out with so so reviews"

I'm guessing your talking about Mass Effect which is averaging 92%. If you call that so so than I guess you can call every ps3 game a failure since no ps3 game has reached that high yet.

HAHA, you just pwned yourself kid.

Bubble Buddy3918d ago

really firstknight? reviews are a bunch of people stating their opinion on a game. so if i say pong is 10/10, o daaaammm, AAA. what does it matter if they say it. also, yeah you're playing AAA games good job, i'm playing games i enjoy ;). And i think your "AAA" games will run out next year... >.> don't be jealous pls, just go get a ps3 and all will be forgiven.

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superman3919d ago

Dude as much as i want it to happen FF13 wont come out next year. But I hope it does.

Douche3919d ago

It's been said that Final Fantasy XIII will be here by as early as next summer. It is Final Fantasy Versus XIII that is not gonna come till most likely '09.

kidrobot3918d ago

Hav' A GREAT Like Always FF, Than Endin' Gettin' A Halo3 LOL [I Apologize If I Offended SummOne, I 'On Hate XB360 Is Just Dat I 'On Like Halo B-Cuz All Tha Hype Ppl Giv' 2 A WaCC Game XD]