The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim PC is gonna 'melt your face'

DSOGaming writes: "As with most multi-platform games, there is a lot of concern about the quality of Bethesda’s highly anticipated RPG, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim’s PC version. And although we do know that the game will support mods – thus will achieve higher levels of image fidelity due to texture packs and mods, Pete Hines has stated that the vanilla PC version is impressive and great looking. In fact, when Pete was asked by a fan about the PC version, he replied that it will ‘melt your face’ – provided you already have a high-end PC."


New title to avoid being duplicate as the story contains new info: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim; Official released PC screenshots on low-medium settings; PC is gonna ‘melt your face’

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Ren_2451d ago

I could swear I seen this posted a week or two ago :S

kingdavid2451d ago

I believe that was IGN's terrible "why dark souls will eat skyrim's face" article.

Ren_2451d ago (Edited 2451d ago )

Na, it was this one...

47 days ago :|

Tweet was made 14th September :S!/DCDe...

JsonHenry2451d ago

I know it is going to look better than the console version. But I have not looked at any screens that made me think it is gonna blow me away visually. Unless every screen I have looked at is a console screenie.

Doesn't matter to me though. This game looks like a good solid step forward in the series in terms of gameplay/story-telling. Exra pretty graphics would just be the cherry on top.

pr0digyZA2451d ago

There has been no PC screens yet.

john22451d ago

According to rumors, some PC screenshots have emerged BUT they are on low-medium settings as to not alienate their sponsor (Microsoft) which they are demo'ing the game through.

Now, these are rumors so take them with a grain of salt

JsonHenry2451d ago

Yes, there are PC screens -

at least they are labelled as being PC. Do a google search. PLENTY of (supposedly) PC screenies. And nothing mind blowing. But the art direction and the world/object placement is very good. More attention to detail than Oblivion it appears.

Fishy Fingers2451d ago (Edited 2451d ago )

^^They wont be PC screens just the same promotional screens you'll find in all platforms 360/PS3/PC. 99% likely to be taken from the 360 build, being lead and all being a native 720p (way below PC standards).

Ren_2451d ago

I think everything that has been shown so far is from the Xbox 360.

Bolts2451d ago

The only thing face melting about the PC Skyrim is how out dated it is. DX 9. 'Nuff said.

It will be up to the mods able to salvage this incredibly average looking game.

Enate2451d ago

Tell that to Witcher 2 one of the best looking games out right now period. DX9

death2smoochie2451d ago (Edited 2451d ago )

"The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim PC is gonna 'melt your face"

If it is a direct port of the console version, then it won't..until modders get their hands on the game.

How many PC multi-platform games this generation got screwed over by this?
I Lost need a scientific calculator to keep track on how many games on the PC got the "console" treatment.

If the game is going to be coded in DX9 like the console versions or its OpenGl equivalent 4.0, then once again it's getting screwed plain and simple.

If Bethesda is serious about this "melting your face" should be coded in DX11 from the ground up supporting Shader Model 5.0+ and heavy use of tessellation and to use DX11 multiple cores and multiple program threads, without developers having to employ a kind of flagging technique to accomplish it...
I won't hold my breath though until mods do it right.

Edit below and above:

And if they used DX11 for Witcher 2 it would have looked even better and ran even smoother as DX11 has better implementation of multi-core and multi-trhead CPU support and use of tessellation. Tessellation which is a HUGE graphical look upgrade when used properly.

Witcher 2 looks great, but it would have looked even better running from DX11 ground up...But because the Xbox360 uses DX9...the PC version needed to be the same to make it easier to port it over and vica-versa...Which is another reason why PC games get the shaft.

Prime example of this is Metro 2033 on the PC running DX11 and the Xbox360 version running DX9.0.

Another example is BF3 running Dx11 and the Xbox360 and PS3 running DX9.0 or its OpenGl equivalent.

Those are the only games I can think of right now off the top of my head that Developers did not screw over the PC version and coded the game in DX11 and NOT DX 9.0 or its OpenGl equivalent....And you can see the huge difference in gameplay compared to the console version even on a mid-range PC that will cost you less than $700....

kevnb2451d ago

dx9 is still viable, witcher 2 proved it earlier this year.

john22451d ago

In addition, Crysis 1 modded in DX9 looks better than most multiplatform games that support DX10/DX11

kcuthbertson2451d ago

Direct X 11 doesn't mean shit if the developers don't do anything with it.

Tesselation is cool, but the same thing can be done with more polygons if the original designs are made that way.

And skyrim is using DX11 for optimization, it's just not using tesselation or any of the other big features that DX11 is known for. However, that far from means it will be a bad looking game.

kevnb2451d ago

oh no, I better cancel my pre-order before I have a melted face!

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