Touch Shot Love Application: First Trailer

Andriasang: Get a first look at Compile Hearts' PS3 game about touching girls and taking their pictures.

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Panzerkanzler2272d ago (Edited 2272d ago )

Excellent. Now perhaps pedophiles will be content with using this game instead of molesting REAL children. The wonders of technology. Only in Japan...

stevenhiggster2272d ago

The Japanese really are a funny bunch. Still, gotta get this imported lol, what could possibly be bad in a game about touching girls?

GoldenPheasant2272d ago (Edited 2272d ago )

how about the fact the the aesthetic portrayal is that of prepubescent girls you Fing clown.

bet you like loli shit too.

edit: and to think I adored japanese culture when I was young. There is something very wrong at the core with certain things in this culture. You have to question when such things are wildly accepted as the social norm.

Just because one draws a naked 10 year old and says "oh she is 16, she is in highschool" don't make it that. disgusting!

One of the worst things, is that some people are going to comment defending this shit.

Dan502272d ago

Except loli and video games are FAKE and not real at all.

dredgewalker2272d ago

Always remember that to normal individuals like us these will always be fake but you have to put into consideration that there are sicko's out there who might be enticed to do the real thing. I remember a case in Japan where this Japanese otaku started a raping spree because of a similar game.

malol2272d ago

he likes loli


stevenhiggster2272d ago (Edited 2272d ago )

Chill out buddy, it was a joke. And I'd actually never heard of Loli until you brought it up.
And anyway, what pre pubescent girls do you know with tits like that?

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