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John Whitehouse reviews: After placing their bets on Medal of Honour last year, only to leave the casino with nothing except the shirt on their backs, EA have brought out the big guns this year, and they really mean it this time.

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NuclearDuke2307d ago

+ Looks amazing
+ Sounds incredible
+ Multiplayer is great (when it works)
+ Co-op is fun
- Uninspired story
- Frustrating glitches
- Battlelog is complete rubbish

That is his reasoning before people go apeshit.

FrustratedFury2307d ago

You know they will. 7.8 means "Good" but people will only see "Not an 8.5 or higher. It must suck."

zeeshan2307d ago

The author makes some very valid points. The launch has been terrible. I just don't see this as a finished product and that includes the day 1 patch as well. Even after that, the game seems to be needing another 4-5 patches to go before it gets stable.

Battlelog is an ABSOLUTE WASTE OF TIME and complete BULLSH**! If you haven't signed up then save yourself some time and DON'T. It's there for no good reason! A lot of hassle for absolutely nothing. Makes me think that EA simply wanted out email addresses and our ages, locations to collect user data and that's all. It does absolutely NOTHING.

Glitches: Oh yes! GLITCHES, GLITCHES and then some MORE glitches. This game is FULL of glitches and bugs in almost every level. When there is lag, it is so horrible that it renders that round useless. You can't even run when it is lagging. It is THAT bad! And oh btw, I have a wonderful internet connection.

I know DICE will fix this but the impact that BF3 had or could have had on potential new fans, DICE and EA just simply lost it only because of server issues. There are just TOO MANY server issues to be honest.

I literally hate COD games because of the way they work. So please remember that this is coming from a NON-COD-FAN and this is my brutally honest opinion of the game

It has a great amount of potential and it can take years to unlock everything and become an expert. There are just too many things that this game offers you. Boat, jets, choppers, tanks, jeeps and OMG what not! It's incredible how they filled this game up with so many goodies.

The destruction seems to have been taken down a couple of notches compared to BF:BC2 which is something I can't understand. Why they did this is beyond me! I hope they'll fix this later down the road.

The SQUAD system SUCKS! The online voice chat on PS3 SUCKS! I don't even wana talk about these two things. They suck ass man!

Lastly, my advice to anyone who's sitting on the fence is that BUY this game. Give it a shot and just stay patient till you reach RANK 12 or Rank 15. That's when things start getting interesting and this game grows on you. Slowly but surely, it does grow on you and you'll love it when you start understanding the whole concept of this game.

If you are a run-n-gun gamer, don't even bother buying BF3 but if you want to get a lot of out of a game besides kill count then this is it! Get it and again, wait until you are go above Rank 10. You'll know what I mean :)

But EA MUST solve all these server issues. I hate the fact that I am unable to play CoOp cuz it's broken and doesn't let me connect.

Philoctetes2307d ago

I wonder where all those "It's a beta, not a demo" people are now?

ddurand12307d ago

ive put 24h into the multiplayer and the only problem ive had is spotty microphone communication.

aside from that the game has been flawless for me. (ps3 version)

memots2307d ago (Edited 2307d ago )

Why would people go crazy? I still do not understand this rating thing going on. Why is a 7 a bad score now?

what happened to 1 to 7 ?

Apparently now as per teh interweb
7 is bad.
8 is mediocre/ok.
9 is good.
10 is excellent ?

Anyway the way i see it is that people are paying way to much attention on reviews or sales. WTF does this have to do with gamers enjoying their games.
BUY the games you like or the type of games your into and F$%K these reviewer opinions.

The only opinion that matters is your own.

FrustratedFury2307d ago

Sometimes you want to get a feel for what a game has to offer before shelling out $60 on it. I'm not rich.

NuclearDuke2307d ago

The Witcher II received massively good reviews. And communities spoke good about them.

I personally thougth it was the worst garbage combat system ever developed, played 30 minutes and threw it away.

$60 I gave away for absolutely nothing that I desired. Reviews aren't entirely bad, community opinions are biased, but atleast it seems that some reviewers still keep consumers in mind when reviewing, actually taking in the entire package instead of sorting away the bad and the issues, as with many major reviewers, such as IGN, PCGamer and alike.

FrustratedFury2307d ago

@NuclearDuke And that's why I trust indie sites more than the big wigs. We are some of the last enthusiast sites that actually enjoy playing games rather than doing it for a living. If a game sucks, I'll tell you it sucks.

PaladinXII2307d ago

Thank you for posting this. Appreciate you helping to stem the angry tide.

SAE2307d ago

does it worth buying ?.. im still confused..

PaladinXII2307d ago

Did you read the review? There is a lot there to help guide your decision, but if you really want us to make all your purchase decisions for you, I'd be glad to tell you where you can send your credit cards.

It all depends on what you are looking for in a game. We don't know you, what games you like to play and what games you absolutely hate. How could we possibly tell you if it's worth it for YOU to buy?

SAE2307d ago (Edited 2307d ago )

im a guy that try to buy every good game , i played the beta , it was fun but alots of bugs that makes it unplayable , i don't know if the full game changed or not , i need someone who have a good taste on games that bought it not a fanboy who hype a game....

the same thing goes for SKYRIM...

i always know if the game is good or not when i see it but i dunno why im confused with battlefield 3 and SKYRIM...

PaladinXII2307d ago

Honestly, if you can't make your own purchase decision based on all of the reviews out there, I'm not sure what to tell you. Our reviewer pointed out the strengths and weaknesses (in his opinion, of course) and even addressed the changes from Beta.

If you are looking for someone to tell you "go and buy this" you aren't going to find that. Reviews are meant to advise, not be proxies for your own decision making.

Logan_22307d ago

Tell me what to buy NAO! Or so help me i will unleash RAGE upon thee!

MasterD9192307d ago (Edited 2307d ago )

I waited almost a week after it was released before I picked up my pre-order...I wasn't sure myself. However, after playing for some time now I believe this game is well worth it if you have friends you constantly play with and can squad up with. If you are a lone wolf, then I doubt you'll like this game. But the teamwork that is there is unmatched as far as I'm concerned.

The beta was horrific- we know. However, the game plays much better than the beta. It isn't perfect and isn't anything genre-defining but it is certainly worth the ride if you have played BF: Bad Company or any of the BF games. I believe this is the best of the series. It has some issues but it is damn fun IMO.