Seven best social games

Looking for some games to turn your holiday party into a blast? Try these recommendations out for size.

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Douchebaggery3923d ago

The most fun I ever had playing 4 people on the same console was with Power Stone and Smash Bros 64.

Loopy3923d ago

Video games as social games? Lame!
The best are games like Taboo, Pictionnary, Guesstures, or even Monopoly.
It can get very hysterical :)

tony3923d ago

i was in a friend house the other day, and he owns the wii. we play wii sports with other friends and family and it was really fun. specially to play socially.

perseus3923d ago

At parties, most people would be non-gamers, so most people would have no interest in playing Warhawk or Halo or Smash Bros. or Rock Band.

Here's a better list of party games:

1) Wii Sports
2) Mario and Sonic at the Beijing Olympics.
3) Other games that haven't come out yet.

No one wants to play with 18 button controllers except nerds (I'm a nerd), and that's why the Wii is "winning".

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