Kane and Lynch: Cross Platform Print Error or Dropped Feature

Aeropause heard of some people asking about cross platform play for Kane and Lynch and decided to take a look at the box. Sure enough on several copies that all the writers looked at, the game states cross platform support via Live for Windows.

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MK_Red3952d ago

Nice find. It would have been really cool even though K&L is not the ideal game for cross platform play. (That award goes to UT3).

KidMakeshift3952d ago (Edited 3952d ago )

I started playing this game today, and so far it's been absolutely horrible. Did Io get the translators for Yakuza to write the script (my ears feel violated)? The shooting mechanics are horrible no matter how much I mess with the sensitivity.

I can't get past the Havana level because my squad keeps running out and getting themselves massacred. Has anyone beat this game yet? If so, am I close to done because I really don't care to finish it if I am. However, if there's still a large chunk of the game left then I might as well go back to it.