Videogames blamed for England defeat

Stereotyping abound, as video gaming is blamed for yet another unfavourable event.

The assistant manager for 'popular' football (that's soccer to the yanks out there) team Bolton Wanderers, Chris Evans, made the bizarre claim that England's national football team lost their recent qualifying match because of video games.

Most of the English team are in their late 20s and early 30s; hardly the typical age for hardcore video gamers. And hey, if they're going to stereotypically blame video games, how about blaming the stereotype of the "play boy" life style these professional divers lead?

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resistance1003917d ago (Edited 3917d ago )

What a poor article. And yes the BWFC coach makes a good point. Video Games although they themselves havn't coursed the england defeat directly (a poor manager did) they have effected the amount of people who are taking up the sport at younger ages. Alot of kids now play computer games rather than going out and playing football in there spare time. This has effected the amount of people coming through the training system and thus there is less and less new young england players each year.

When the article writer says

'Most of the English team are in their late 20s and early 30s; hardly the typical age for hardcore video gamers. And hey, if they’re going to stereotypically blame video games, how about blaming the stereotype of the “play boy” life style these professional divers lead? '

Shows how little he knows and has taken the wrong approach to what was said. He seems to think video games has effected the actual current england players, when that isn't true it actually has effected some of the people who COULD be england players right about now and that could have made an impact. Also calling football players divers and claiming that they all have 'play-boy' lifestyles shows that he doesn't give a dam about the sport anyway and thus will always show a negitive light towards the sport


Anyone who disagrees, can you please do it with a reason rather than just click disagree cheers. (i suspect i will get alot of them and lose alot of bubbles aswell for my view)

toughNAME3917d ago

its one disagree...calm down

socsca3916d ago (Edited 3916d ago )

How come then most other teams in the world have improved since the appearence of video games? Its not England who's gotten worse, its everyone else that's gotten better. I think its time for you boys to stop making up ridiculous explanations to your defeats and accept that England is a mediocre to good football team. Its always someone else's fault (read coach, referee, video games), isn't it? Never the fact that the players are bad and have a lousy attitude, ffs, Croatia!
Strange, one might say...

Don't blame video games, if anything, thank them for making the interest for football greater, not only in England but everywhere else.

EDIT: The players you name below are NOT as good as you seem to think, obviously you have a subjective opinion and are not capable of seeing them for what they are: good players, but not fantastic.

DiLeCtioN3917d ago

this is a joke man...blaming my lovely video games for the stupidty of the england team. we lost just because the boys thought it will be a stroll in the park kmt. media+england footie=total shate

hopper_papa_roach3917d ago

Why don't they blame it on the fact that they havent put enough money into football academies in this country Brazil spend the most and have some of the worlds best players.

PimpHandHappy3917d ago

they dont even have many good soccer players. Look it up. They have Rooney and thats about it.

They will be lucky to even make the world cup

The Premire League is made up of non english players

David Beckman is a bum

xg-ei8ht3917d ago

screw the english, thats a good start.

Maybe you've forgotten that we did win the world cup, ok along time ago, but we took germany to pieces, and yes they were a good team.

Croatia had good passing ability, and lets face facts, both of their goals were kinda lucky, both blunders. But hey you get what you deserve when you play poorly.

Had another keeper been in goal, result would be diff, but as i stated below, i feel a change in the air, and about bloody time, too many old pricks running the show. And thats where the problem lies.

resistance1003917d ago



Im sorry when you have world class stars such as Frank Lampard, Steven Gerrard, John Terry, Rio Ferdinland, wayne rooney etc we have every right to expect alot.

Still the fact you call it soccer, can't spell beckham right and more its probally true that you don't release good football players when you see them.


True facts there, gald to see the back of him

xg-ei8ht3917d ago

There is not enough home grown talent, its as simple as that, nothing to do with managers,games,little devils or angels on your shoulder.

There are decent english players, but they are not all in the premier league, and yes your correct, most of the players their are not english.

Look at arsenal, best team skillz wise,points wise, by a mile. The title is theirs for the taking, why, because they know how to play football the way its meant to be played, kinda like brazil, holland a few years back.

If your talking managers, best i've seen england was when glen hoddle was at the helm, but they ditched him, not because of results, but because of beliefs.

I'm english through and through, but when a team is not good enough, they aren't going to win anything. I'm hoping, this will be a harsh lesson for england football wise, because this country needs it.

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