GameTap reviews Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games - No medals awarded

The reason why Wii Sports is so fun to play is that the games included are immediately accessible and the controls are completely intuitive -- you swing the Wii remote like you're holding a tennis racquet, a golf club, or a bowling ball (depending on the sport you're playing), and magically, the game mimics these motions effectively. Conversely, this is why Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games is not fun -- the controls aren't intuitive, and even when they finally do start to make sense, the appeal of the individual events has already worn off as it becomes painfully clear how shallow they are.

Score: 3/10

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perseus3957d ago

Apparently they played the game for a total of 12 seconds. This game is more fun than Wii Sports, and has a lot more replay value.

I've been playing it constantly since release on Thursday, and I'm exhausted and having a blast.