Insomniac talks PS3, Gaming, Future & More in Ratchet & Clank PS3 Post Mortem

GameTrailers catches up with the team behind Ratchet & Clank's biggest outing and see what they think about the current state of gaming.

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MK_Red3957d ago

Insomniac FTW indeed :)
Insomniac along with Naughty Dog are the biggest and best of Sony allies. Now, time to start working on Resistance 2 with even a better engine than R&C TOD.

RedSeven3957d ago

Actually I would add Incognito in that list MK RED. Warhawk is fcking amazing.

Kleptic3957d ago

Incognito w/ Santa Monica Studios helping each 1st party effort always results in something great...and I agree...warhawk is near perfect imo, and this upcoming expansion is undeniably awesome (a night map?...first time I have ever seen a dev do exactly what people asked for...)

I am waiting to see what Eat, Sleep, Play comes up with...Jaffe is one of the best (twisted metal is still my overall favorite franchise in gaming for the most part)...

Insomniac is fantastic though...its crazy how often they release games, yet how they always deliver...can't wait for Resistance 2, I wonder how comparable it will be to KZ2 graphically...

Sevir043957d ago

and i believe Ted price and his team have alreaydy started work on that now that ratchet is done resistance 2's engine whill be heads and shoulders above R&C TOD... i can't wait for R2... it's gonna be awesome

MK_Red3957d ago

True. R&C TOD was beyond Resistance in terms of graphic. If Resistance 2 takes the same huge step from R&C TOD's graphics, I can already count it as competition for Killzone 2.

Jdash243957d ago

cant wait for resistance 2

rich30003957d ago

im sure i read an article on here the other week saying theyve already almot finished resitance 2

MK_Red3957d ago

Wow, starting to work is one thing but finished!? The game isn't officially announced yet and the earliest time for release is fall 2008 to early 2009.
That was a Surfer Girl rumor if I'm not mistaken but in reality, I don't think we'll see a screen or image soon let along gameplay and such.

Danja3957d ago (Edited 3957d ago )

WHOA..!! now dude im just as excited for RFOM2..but nowhere near finished wth this game...and as MK_Red said it will be a while before we see or hear any info about this game...Sony will definetly save this one till one of those big Conferences next year

BTW good interview....Insomniac FTMFW...!!!!

Skerj3957d ago

I'm thinking Resistance 2 will be coming out Winter 08, but you're right Danja. They'll probably show the first trailer at the next GDC just like Ratchet then a bit more info and footage at Sony Gamer's Day and E3. We'll probably get a demo somewhere around Sept/Oct and fun times in Oct-Nov. Whenever it's coming out I can't wait, I went into the first Resistance with little hopes and was completely blown away. I want to see how they top themselves with the weapons and multiplayer this time.

PS3 Limps on and on3957d ago

I mean PS3 has a lot of big first party games still to come.

I think those are the best developers so far, Resistance, R&C future, Uncharted are the best games so far. And I would also add Icognito. In my opinion the best online experience so far might surprisinly be on the PS3 in the form of Warhawk. My brother loves online play and his favorite game is warhawk, not even Call of Duty 4 was able to spark his interest.

riqued3957d ago

While Warhawk is a great online game, Icognito was too slow to fix the early problems that the game had. They ended up selling a game that wasn't finished yet.

Now with the problems solved Warhawk is the game that I play the most. But Icognito wasn't very helpful.

killer_trap3957d ago

RFOM. it's the only fps i ever completed. i thought it was great but my opinion doesn't count(not a big fps fan). i know alot of you are waiting for the sequel to resistance but not me. i can only play a few fps in a system's life cycle.i think kill zone will probably be my second or third(if i get unreal) and last one on ps3.i really hope insomniac isn't working on one, they are really talented and i wish they would broaden their gaming genre.

if they were to make a game like mass effect, now that's a game i would really be looking forward to. I'm really amazed on how much fps a gamer can play, they all look the same to me. aren't you poeple sick of them already??!!

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