ECA's Halpin Urges Group Action on Game-related Issues

Entertainment Consumers Association (ECA) president Hal Halpin is penning a new, monthly column for GameDaily Biz.

In his debut, Hal suggests that video game biz insiders as well as consumers can advance their cause by joining their respective organizations: IGDA for developers, EMA for retailers, ESA for publishers and ECA for consumers. Hal writes:

"We aren't leveraging our collective strength to its fullest because we aren't individually engaged to the degree we can be… The ESA and EMA have successfully defended our rights by defending their own. In every instance where a corporate interest is in line with an individual's interest there's a ride-along benefit to you, and that's great.

But what about matters that corporations don't get involved with… Or what about when individual interests and corporate diverge?

Join. If you're a game developer… I urge you to join the IGDA… Self-interestedly, I would also argue that if you are a gamer, or one who derives a living from games, you should join the ECA…

This is not a confrontational matter of us versus them. It's an issue of belonging and of lending your voice to the greater good and effecting change from within. It's needed. It's healthy…"

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