Soul Calibur Legends - 'Ivy Shows Her Stuff' and Three More Videos

GameTrailers presents four videos from Soul Calibur Legends.

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RedSeven3921d ago

Ivy can show me her stuff any time she wants.

Ahmadinejad3921d ago

Very creative storyline, Humanity must face its biggest enemy "the Evil" which come from "the Evil Seed". i can see an oscar nomination here guys.

Fade_Walker3921d ago

wow that looks really early gamecube bad

TruthbeTold3921d ago

Truth is, the game looks better than any console SC game to date. It won't for long since the real next installment is coming out soon for the HD systems, but hey, it is what it is. Don't be ridiculous.

forum_crawler3920d ago

...that people:

1. Don't realize it is a low quality compressed for the internet video.
2. That "it's worse than gamecube graphics..." is so yesterday.

jaja14343921d ago

They should really just stick to a normal fighting game...

But ohh man I can't wait for SC4 to come out, with its delicious online play.

TruthbeTold3921d ago (Edited 3921d ago )

Anyone notice that Siegfried's voice is Kenshin Himura's from the Rurouni Kenshin dub? Pretty cool. I may have to actually rent this one. :D

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