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A high-def (and gaming) Christmas? Wii, Xbox 360 and PS2 high in sales

Early field reports from Wal-mart and GameStop in Florida show that electronics - mainly game systems - are hot items on Black Friday and for this holiday shopping season, with Wii, Xbox 360 and (still) PlayStation 2 selling well. (Industry, PS2, Wii, Xbox 360)
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jaaz  +   2527d ago
Sales reports from some small, back-asswards county in north Florida?

Come on guys, at least TRY to submit some decent news once in a while.

(and if this is flame bait because it says "Playstation 2", then... weak.)
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Gamespot-equals-EGM  +   2527d ago
Xbox 360 camper
Yeah, this might be the same county with that guy who camped 36 hrs for an Xbox 360. Floridans...not the brightest bunch.
actas123  +   2527d ago
you mean PS3 not PS2. I think the writer of this article is an old clueless fella
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toughNAME  +   2527d ago
the PS2 is selling much better than the PS3 for you kno..ever
where have u been?
Milkman541  +   2527d ago
This is a joke, come on N4G...
TheMART  +   2527d ago
So the PS3 is just catching dust there? Saw some PS3 with dust lately, lost warranty. So these PS3's on piles catching dust have no warranty right out of shop & box? :P
chrno6  +   2527d ago
haha fortunately most ps3 owners don't have to worry about warranty, as it does not have a high failure rate. Besides, that kid with dusty ps3 is an actor who has appeared on FOX twice, so he's probably paid by some one or some companies. Not pointing fingers at any company here lol.
Mr Tretton  +   2527d ago
they completely left out the PS3 which has had a recent rise.
Danja  +   2527d ago
HMMM interesting so now we are tracking sales from a single store to see how well consoles are selling..funny..

they did not even mention any thing about the DS selling well..so um who the hell actually shop at Wal-Mart any ways...nvm Xbots do..ateast they can get a warranty for there console..!!!

PS3 FTW....
FF7numba1  +   2527d ago
its actually ps2/3,xbox 360 and wii. Lol I guess they didn't want to include ps3 because its make sony owning the biggest console market even worst.
ps3= 5.5+ Million
ps2= 120+ million
to xbox 360 and wii's 14 million+ each.
Mr Marbles  +   2527d ago
Look at all the Sony kids scrambling to do damage control.

All this means folks is that while the PS3 sales may have increased for holidays, the Wii and 360s have increased far more.
wiizy  +   2526d ago
i wonder why they didnt mention the ps3
wiizy  +   2526d ago
one system will prove to be too much for the competition...and nintendo wii is the name
Cacolaco  +   2526d ago
Christmas Toy Flyers
The Target and Wal-Mart Christmas flyers for toys in our area conveniently advertise the 360, the Wii, and the PS2, but make no mention of the PS3 or its games.

Kinda strange, no?

Anyhow, it doesn't surprise me, given this sort of advertising, that the PS2 is showing strong sales at retailers like Wal-Mart, undermining (somewhat) the sales of the PS3.
jinn  +   2526d ago
PS2? don't you mean PS3?

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