Beowulf: PS3 vs. Xbox 360 Comparison - GT Video

How does the epic monster slayer compete across platforms?

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skyline20033553d ago

Why would you want to compare 2 pieces of sh*t? They might be different shades of brown but in the end, they are both still pieces of sh*t.. Haha..

the worst3552d ago

gametrailers is not a fan of the ps3
i dont beleave no Comparison they do
think they need 2 get a real hdtv
and stop using that old ass plasma

Captain Tuttle3552d ago

I can tell the PS3 version looks worse. I don't even have to watch the video. Thanks for saving me the time and bandwidth.

socsca3552d ago (Edited 3552d ago )

Lol @captain tuttle. Well said, they're so predictable, no?

toughNAME3552d ago

haha you called it Captain

skyline20033552d ago

@captain: Judging by ur comment, ur an idiot.

FYI - I never even watched the video. Games made from movies ALWAYS suck. Those games are made for kids who watch the movie and want mommy or daddy to buy the game for them. So i dont care how it looks. Stool is stool. Only game i can think of that was even decent was The Simpsons that recently came out and thats from a TV show not a movie.

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gamesR4fun3553d ago

Cant believe a game even Angola Jolie boobs cant save...

radzy3552d ago

make a partition stopping the comparison of same games on two different consoles.

example :


what a crack up. now go back to your ratchet and clank and tomb raider with a man , oops , sorry , uncharted. kids , ha ha.

PirateThom3553d ago

Congrats 360, a crap game looks better on your system.

Laexerias3552d ago

Darker means better? Xbox Gamer are gothics.

RedSeven3553d ago

They both remind me of crap. Thanks for the pointless news post.