Field Report: Wal-Mart's Black Saturday PS3 80GB + Blu-ray Movie Deal

"It is true, Wal-mart is still offering 10 free Blu-ray movies with the purchase of an 80GB Playstation 3 while supplies last."

DigitalTech's Purav Sanghani confirms the "secret sale" is going on at Wal-mart, but it is so secret that very few people seem to know about it. Sanghani also reports some details and limitations of the deal.

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I_killed_TheMart3956d ago

just in from /index.php

The Dude3956d ago

The ps3 just a cheap blu-ray player. How about a ten pack of games.

the worst3956d ago

how about a system
that dont burn out
every three months
sony has game now

The Dude3956d ago

It's always about next year and in 2008 you'll be crying that its going to be 2009. LOL

I'd be more worried about dust getting to my ps3 besides there are like no games to play.

Antiomo3956d ago

Ps3 is a cheap priced blu-ray player but it is a very good one.

And NO they will never give out 10 games cuz they will lose way too much revenue.

Im quite sure the free blu-rays are in conjunction with the companies in the BDA, meaning more money to give out these awesome deals.

Oh and it is a very worthy gaming machine also vs the xbox... what does xbox have as a mainstream EXClusive game..... Halo... nothing else
They just lost their Gears to pc as an exclusive title.

I just installed gears on my machine and it runs much better than xbox, looks better and cripster. And my machine is not the best either 2 year old video card and processor.

bootsielon3956d ago

Just an expensive DVD player that doesn't even work.

Cheap, working Blu-ray player > Expensive, sh1tty DVD player

Variety > Having most of the best FPS' in the market

The Dude3956d ago (Edited 3956d ago )

Wow if your looking to the ps3 for kick ass graphics thats a joke. My pc runs circles around it. LOL
But when we get down to it the 360 smokes the ps3 graphic wise. Every game comparison and review shows the 360 as the winner.

Look if you want a game system with just ok games and no library and a failing high def format go with the ps3. But if your a gamer and want a kick ass gaming system and library get the 360 it is the hands down winner.

Hadtosay3956d ago

TO The Dude,

Man are you off. There is nothing on the X-Box that comes close to R&C or Uncharted as far as graphics are concerned. In fact "The dude" if you actually took the time to read reviews you would see that many (including some X-Box biased sites) are stating that they do not believe Uncharted graphics can be done on a 360. And for the record the 360 has nothing that comes close to Heavenly Sword, or Lair if we are just talking graphics.

Now I'm not saying the 360 cannot do better then the PS3 because I wouldn't know, but as of right now there are four games on the PS3 that are at a level as far as graphics go that haven't been beat or matched by any 360 game.

whoelse3956d ago

Its true. The PS3 has so many good games next year, the 360 has a few.

To name a some:



Yes i am biased but its true.

jaja14343955d ago

Wasn't Haze coming out this December.

Anyways sinced you biased self decided not to include any 360 game I shall.

Dead Space
Ninja Gaiden 2
Fable 2
The Last Remnant
Infinite Undiscovery
Lost Odyssey
Alan Wake
Silent Hill 5

Naturally there are many others but I tried to get some from each genre excepting for racing/sports since those come out yearly on every system.

So there you have a nice rounded out list for both systems. Kind of looks like the 360 has more than a "few" games coming out next year.

meatnormous3955d ago

Almost every game that is exclusive to Xbox come out for the pc. I own a pc and a ps3 so I have the best of both worlds. Who the hell wants to play ghostbusters anyways.

Guwapo773955d ago


Of those games that you listed how many of them are AAA titles?

Silent Hill 5

All of Whoelse's list are AAA titles. Yes there are other games coming out but those are pretty much all have the potential to be system seller, if they are done properly.

PS. Whoelse whenever making a list of games to show off the PS3 do not add Wipeout HD. By no means is that a triple A title.

jaja14343955d ago

How many are the imfamous AAA?

Hmm how the hell should I know. For that matter how do you know? I wasn't aware that a game had to be a sequel to be AAA.

But I guess that of course comes down to your definition of AAA as its so very loosely defined. If you mean sales, well they sure I'm sure Fable and Ninja will sale farewell well, but I have no idea about the rest. But if your talking about how good the game actually is, then I refer to my previous statement that you nor I have any clue whats so ever. Everyone thought Lair was going to AAA but look how that turned out.

In any event I could really care less if the games sell systems as I already have mine, and unlike a lot of people here I don't get an ego boost for seeing the 360 selling almost 3 times as much as the PS3. It doesn't really matter, so long as the games are good.

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jinn3956d ago

there desperate to sell their dust-collected PS3's

solsub3956d ago

You do know that PS3 sales are on the rise, right?

bootsielon3956d ago

At least write,

They are desperate to sell their dust-collecting PS3s.

instead of:

"there desperate to sell their dust-collected PS3's"

Stop being an idiot.

The Dude3956d ago


From the two they sold last week, what did they sell five. LOL

meatnormous3955d ago

Why would I sell my PS3? My buddy has a pawn shop and can't sell used xboxs cause people are scared, they come with no waranty if they are used. Every ps3 he gets, he sells.

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WilliamRLBaker3956d ago

whats funny is the sonyfanboys keep using the argument againest great 360 AAA games and AA games that either.

A.Only AAA games matter.
B.AA games are still great.

But when it comes to their system the ps3 all those arguments dont apply.

PirateThom3956d ago

What's even funnier is how a console with supposedly no games is selling so well.

jaja14343955d ago

Whats even funnier... Ligament. Come on and just say it. I bet you smiled.

kurochi3956d ago

You know what? Let the fan-boys fight it out. While the x-boys are bashing PS3 about no games, I'll be playing Uncharted and Ratchet on my PS3 and Mass Effect and.... oh yeah.... just Mass Effect on my 360. WTF is the problem here? Freakin' fan-tarts. STFU and just play games man... flame-boys are people that sit at their parents basements with nothing to do until your mom calls you up to take out the trash.

HMM3956d ago

well said my man!!!

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