Mass Effect - Disc Unreadable or Random Crashes Fix

BioWare's quality assurance agent Tayce Wilson posted in the official Mass Effect forums:

"There appears to be a reoccurring issue where players are getting disc unreadable errors, or random crashes. This seems to be most commonly found somewhere after character creation, but can occur anywhere in the game."

Wilson proposes a fix to the issue.

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Antan3953d ago

No crashes yet, though have a few freeze moments while the disc reads, but nothing that required any reset.

unlimited3953d ago

really who isnt suprise??? its like every single big title 360 games seem to be defective who isnt used to this crap?? sigh glad i dont support faulty console

tomfoolery3953d ago

and none of my games have been defective.
If any of them were,I would just say to you,
at least I have games ya crawling trolling little Sony bastard.

dantesparda3952d ago (Edited 3952d ago )

So therefore since none of yours have, that means that none do!? I have and have seen other peoples games that do. So stuff it, with your fanboy comment. And accept that they do mess up, period!

wallace10003952d ago

tomfoolery's point is that people are going to jump all over another one of the 360s great games because some people are saying they are having problems. Like what people did when it was disclosed that halo 3 was 680p was it? I can't remember because it wasn't important. People (mainly haters from the PS3 camp in this case, there are haters from the 360 camp too) take this article to mean that all Mass Effects are going wacky, but i am sure only a handful are. Those that seem to hate the 360 will take any little thing and attempt to blow it out of proportion in order to try and taint another awesome title. I don't quiet understand all the hating around here, don't people have better things to do with their lives? I read this article because i wanted to see if it was a big/real problem with the game and now i have found out it isn't so i am happy :-)

AngryTypingGuy3952d ago

Funny how all of my 360 games have worked perfectly. Every game will have a glitch or two.

I bought Mass Effect on launch, and I think it is the best game to come out this year. The size of this game is unbelievable. Not only that it's incredibly fun. I have to pry myself away from it, otherwise I'd play it all day and get nothing done.

TheZippo3952d ago

I'm tired of that argument. Did Tomfoolery say that he didn't believe that there are faulty 360's? NO. In fact he was just stating a fact that his is still working. Which guess what I have a launch 360 also and it's working fine. The way the sony fanboys go on it's like every console to leave the assembly line is faulty. That's just not true.

I know people who have had problems with their consoles. And I know how they had mistreated the said consoles too. They sent them off and got them replaced no questions asked. It does happen. Just not to mine.

dantesparda3952d ago (Edited 3952d ago )

Wallace I understand what you are sayig, but dont think that his comment didnt have "malace" in it. And to zippo, you're sick of my argument!? Im sick of this pretending or excusing of the hardware failures of MS. I have had the 360 since day one (Nov 22, 05) and i am already on my 3rd unit cuz it keeps breaking and its been freezing and disc read erroring since they sent it back to me. And to say that its because of how people are mistreating their systems, is, im sorry, just completely and utterly ridiculous. Its not my fault MS made such a sensitive console. And how come i dont hear you complaining about Tomfoolery's statement that it has no games? And "No" Tomfoolery did not admit that the 360 has problems. You misinterpreted what he said. Re-read it

TheZippo3952d ago (Edited 3952d ago )

I took your advise and re-read Tomfoolery's statement. He's only talking about his expierence and he's had good luck.

"And how come i dont hear you complaining about Tomfoolery's statement that it has no games?"

I'm not sure about what your talking about here. He doesn't mention anything not having games. Only that he's hasn't been scratched.

I do not agree with the generalization that all 360's are faulty. I'm sorry if you disagree with that. It may be a little delicate, yes but not everything can be built like a Nintendo system.

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snoop_dizzle3953d ago (Edited 3953d ago )

haven't had an issue aside from a textures taking a few more seconds than usual to load up once i load up the game. but thats about it.

but yeah i remember with gears a lot of times it didn't read my disk, but after a few times i opened and closed the disk drive, it seem to work.


The only "crash" I've experienced is when the blue alien chick jumped my bones, ....MMMMMMMMMMM, ALIEN EROTICA !

LOL !!!

Kleptic3952d ago

yeah no crashing for me either...I have noticed the framerate problems mentioned during combat, and occasionally an Oblivion-like stutter during loading...but no crashes or total freezing for very long...

for the record, I also didn't get any of the PS3 freezing with AC when I rented it either, but I am assuming 2.01 was to fix some of that stuff...

Douchebaggery3953d ago

It crashed on me 4 times since Tuesday.

p.s. sniping in that game is awesome.

The Dude3953d ago (Edited 3953d ago )

Not one crash Mass Effect just kick ass with superb game play. I am willing to bet more ps3 users have WSOD on Assassins Creed than 360 players have issues with Mass Effect. And there are twenty times more people playing Mass Effect than Assassins Creed. Lastly I'd be more concerned about the ps3 having dust issues than this. I mean the ps3 collects so much dust when its not played.

DongHungLong3953d ago

Please explain to me how the PS3's Assasin's Creed issues has anything to do with this article? Exactly it doesn't ass-hat. Your just trying to start crap for no reason.

Meus Renaissance3953d ago (Edited 3953d ago )

You're gonna dig your own grave if you taunt PS3 owners about hardware issues mate. It's a stupid thing for you to say. There's no reason for you to attack another platform when it has nothing to do with this game or this problem. Yet, you want to because you're insecure about the hardware problem so you assume that PS3 fanboys will attack it - so you make a pre emptive strike. Well, it's more like you dropping a grenade because you chose the wrong topic; hardware reliability.

AnalFace3953d ago (Edited 3953d ago )

wow... totally off topic.. you f*cking wanker.. hahaha

Gamespot-equals-EGM3953d ago

Off-topic but I like your avatar. Although I don't think too highly of AC (the actual game itself) ur avatar looks cool.

barom3953d ago

lol u know, Assassin's Creed on the X360 also had freezing issues.

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superman3953d ago

Where the hell did this article mention anything about ps3.

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