Koreans in Love with Hellgate: London

Apparently Korea has their own closed beta test and many find it to be a fun and satisfying game to play. The distribution of the game is handled by Hanbitsoft, and incidentally its logo also appears on the SEA boxed set version.

"Gamers had to gauge the game according to five criteria - graphic, addiction, action, fun and sound. Graphic scored the highest at 91% while Sound scored the lowest at 86.2%.

It seems that the Koreans are quite in love with Hellgate: London. The game was given an average user rating of 89.2 points - that's a very decent store given that StarCraft is the national sport there."

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Charlie26883954d ago

Once the game gets a few patches I will buy it but right now I am too busy with the crapload of 360 and PC games I just ordered :P

But for how things turn out for Hellgate it looks like Titan Quest is still king of the Diablo 2 formula :D

Leord3954d ago

Well, for myself, it is deifinitely worth the cash used to buy it. After the December patch, I would think most people will find the game to be "complete" that might have given it a "7/10" before.