Battlefield 3 Video Review (Console Version) - For the Love of Gaming

Cory from For the Love of Gaming reviews the console version of Battlefield 3

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lugia 40002393d ago (Edited 2393d ago )

A random youtube guy with a random unknown website giving a low score...

High anticipated or "Highly" anticipated?

LastDance2392d ago (Edited 2392d ago )

4logpc dude, compressors - use them..please.


Truth b told this game was over hyped.

ambientFLIER2392d ago

Lol, Lugia 4000, you're just pissed that it's a low score. And having bought it for the console, I agree with the rating.

icarusorigin2392d ago

Cool way to get hits guys, next you will be giving Cod mw3 10/10 because it surpasses everything else in the video game industry.

4logpc2392d ago

if i was trying to get hits wouldnt I of put THE BIGGEST LET DOWN EVER!!!

try again troll :)

icarusorigin2392d ago

Clearly sarcasm does not carry over to the internet.

SockeyBoy2392d ago

I don't like miltary shoothers, but i still bought this cause i got on the hype train. I don't like BF3 at all.

Shackdaddy8362392d ago

Well, at least you can trade it in to buy MW3 for a huge discou...oh wait...

Holeran2392d ago

If the guns didn't feel like you were flailing around a wet noodle when you try to aim this game would be much better.

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