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PowerUp Heroes Review - JPS

"When I first saw Powerup Heroes, I thought it would be a dream come true. The ten-year old in me screamed for joy as I saw people acting out fireball motions to throw energy balls and pulled down lightning from the sky on their foes. But there was a question that remained in the recesses of my mind; the part of me that has learned never to judge a video game by its trailer no matter how much in-game footage there is still needed to know: is Powerup Heroes as fun to actually play as it is to watch? Let’s find out in our review of what’s HOT and what’s NOT in Powerup Heroes." - JPS (PowerUp Heroes, Xbox 360) 2.5/5

Shadonic  +   1369d ago
from the gameplay i have seen on youtube the response time is actually good and so is the tracking most of the time the only real problem i see is when they do the upper cut move everything seems to work fine. Problem with kinect games is that the controllers you play them with ( the player ) dosent actually do the gesture right or there's some technical issue from what ive seen on the videos its mostly just an operator error with the player not bending his arm or not matching the picture of the gesture correctly. i should of bought this instead of ultimate tenkaichi :(
admiralvic  +   1369d ago
Sounds like a really fun game!

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