SimExchange Predicts 360 Will Outsell PS3 2-to-1 in the US This Holiday Season

Via Ripten:

"The simExchange, a site which attempts to predict trends in the video game industry by giving its users (gamers, developers, and industry onlookers) virtual money to buy and sell video game related stocks and properties, believes that the Microsoft Xbox 360 will outsell Sony's Playstation 3 console 2-to-1 this holiday season."

Actual predictions after the jump.

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Swatfish3958d ago

hmm i don´t think 360 outsell PS3 2:1.But 360 will definetly outsell PS3 in USA.In Europe and japan there is no chance

Texas GMR3958d ago

... I can see that in the US, but not over seas.

It still bewilders me that Nintendo didn't boost the production of the Wii. Maybe it's their strategy to always be in high demand.

THAMMER13958d ago (Edited 3958d ago )

The U.S. market is about the size of the Europe market and the Japanese market together. So if the PS3 gets outsold 2:1 in the U.S. then has decent sales in other countries the PS3 will just have a larger up hill battle.

I have chosen not to buy a PS3 just because I hate having to defend it like SONY fans do all day just seems exhausting.

The thing is DEEP the PS3 is a nice console but there is always s a BUT. You have been around here long enough to know what is up. By the way have you finished uncharted yet?

I can say what I feel, How I feel even if other choose to speak as though they have to treat the PS3 and the PS3 fan base like charity or handycap cases. You know it sucks to be you but I'll act like I do not notice.

techie3958d ago

Tham...The Europe market is nearer equal to the US market, and the Japanese market is slightly less. This also depends which console sales you're looking at...

And you didn't buy a PS3 because you didn't want one. Why say anymore?

eagle213958d ago

maybe 1.6 to 1 in the USA. There is little doubt about that. I would keep these whole ratio articles at bay. It is going to be lessened soon, and is already terminated in europe and japan. And the joke sure isn't on PS3.

TheExecutive3958d ago

I find it hilarious when people try to be clever but cant spell a simple word.

fury3958d ago

"I have chosen not to buy a PS3 just because I hate having to defend it like SONY fans do all day just seems exhausting."

So you're not buying a PS3 because of Sony fans? Because you don't want to "defend" it? What the heck are you talking about? Who the hell told that you have to "defend" the console of your choice?
It's all about the games and you shouldn't give a damn about fanboys, how do they influence your purchase decision?
If I would think like you I wouldn't have bought the 360, but I still did. I hate XBots, but that didn't change my decision to buy an XBOX360, because I like the games.

THAMMER13958d ago

I get your point. The thing is the PS3 has no games to draw me in. The 360 has the games to draw gamers. I was really banking on uncharted though. The rest upcoming PS3 just makes me feel like I'll be wasting my time.

If there were 2 graphic cards on the market and one out performed the other, which would you, buy? Both no you would buy the best option. The Plantation was not my 1st console. Every one I know who has one, barley touches it. I would feel like an @ss to even have to deal with that. I would not bout it for nostalgia or for the wait. I would buy it for instant gratification. Only a game can do that.

So when MGS4 comes out I'll check it out. If it gives the same feeling I get from Mass Effect. You know that feeling that makes your couch your home for weeks on end. I'll buy a PS3 until then there is nothing to make me love it like you or DEEP. Sorry...

Funky Town_TX3958d ago

Get what you want. Who cares what others say. I have been called a xbot and a Sony sheep. I speak my mind and I get what I want. If KZ2 is the sh8t like it's hyped up to be, and the online is fun then I'm in. I got a xbox1 and a Dreamcast and look what heppened to those two. Play games not consoles. The PS3 has some stuff that no gamer can pass up. Now killzone 2 is the only one I can think of right now.

actas1233958d ago

To Thammer:
The reason I bought a PS3 yesterday because Its a reliable machine. I know its not gonna die on me during and after the warranty.. the xbox 360 is proven to be unreliable when it comes to quality and durability. The reason 360 is outselling ps3 right now in the US, is because of the salesmen bias at major retail stores, given the fact that they prefer an American console over a Japaneses one...

killedinaction93958d ago

I have no idea what you're saying.Did you forget about the PS1&2?
Nearly every major console until now has been Japanese.

The only reason the 360 is selling more is because of the games.Face it.

gaffyh3958d ago

Never gonna happen in Japan, Likely to happen in US (cos I'm pretty sure its already happening), In EU it's about 50-50 because UK is the only country that actually buys 360s other EU countries prefer PS3.

Also where the hell is the Wii in this prediction???

FF7numba13958d ago

its to bad that in the end the leading console will japanese. Xbox just doesn't have like ability and the time to get pass 30mill. By the time 360 gets to where xbox sold last gen M$ already release the new xbox.

The is the reason why I think that some of my follow Americans are dumbasses. No offense but why should M$ be trusted after they drop the ball is xbox1. With the rest of the world liking ps3 better than xbox 360 is only a matter of time. Its funny that people like the ps3 more than xbox 360 and 360 has more games.

What are bots gonna say Xmas 08 when MG4,killzone,LBp and other games are out. Xbox is barely out running ps3 with superior selection of games. Thats sad.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3958d ago

2-1 sounds about right the 360 has been doing that to the PS3 most of the year. Why should that change now? I see alot of "Europe and Japan" in comments but those fools don't realize (or just refuse) to see how powerfull the american market is. Why do you think America gets these products first, while Europe alwyas has to wait? The US makes up for over 50% of the marketplace. All the 360 needs to do is what it's already doing in the US and just come close in Europe, it clearly shows that Japan doesn't realy matter for the 360 to sell (event though MS would love that market to).

You have predictions based on reality and then you have blind predictions. Predictions around the 360 are based on reality and what the console is already doing, while PS3 predictions are based on blind assumtions of 2008, 2009 and B3YOND. You have reality TV or the "real world" then you have that world that your eyes and ears realy see every working day. MS lives in the latter, the PS3 is just dreams and "waiting".

Gamespot-equals-EGM3958d ago (Edited 3958d ago )

You bought a ps3 yesterday? I hope you bought it from Walmart. You know Walmart is selling the 80gb ps3 with 10 free blu-ray movies immediately and then 5 free movies with the mail in rebate.

So that's 15 free blu-ray movies. I sure hope you knew about this deal (btw, the deal ends Sunday night so you could still return your ps3 and take advantage of this deal at Walmart; but the Walmart needs to have 80gb's in stock, so call ahead).

Snukadaman3958d ago

It seems that when I have something too say about the ps3 im either a hster or a fanboy...and there is always someone too defend their precious...but here is the difference....I only chime in on xbox360 comments when the info is wrong....I myself can care less if someone is ripping into xbox 360...big fuggin deal...but some people on here quickly jump on you for any reason...I will admit most of my postings are more harsh on the ps3 but tell me anywhere in the past month how much negative news we have seen on xbox 360 where there were game ending glitches and delays and even games that aint released yet but are reviewed as being terrible....I past that magical year for the ps3 and I still dont own one...and from the looks of it it might not even be a next year purchase...point is this is a blog...peoples feelings on news storys...If you dont like what I say please put me on are missing a honest view from someone who has been playing video games since the last atari/intelivision console war.

candystop3958d ago

So how the heck did MS screw us again with the xbox1 and why are the numbers of consoles even important to you? MS did a good job with the 1st xbox bringing online console gaming to the masses and showing us that we can do better by offering games with graphics on the same level as pc unlike ps2 or the gamecube! Also I thank MS to this day for creating the 360 which is actually more reliable on the games front than pS3. One thing for certain is 360 gamers get what they payed for and thats games and online services unlike the PS3! By releasing the 360 a year before the PS3 many of us gamers were able to experience next gen quality games rather than wait for nothing and some how still have better games and only getting better! And how do you know more people like the PS3 better than the 360 or if Sony's christmas will be any bigger than MS? Someone needs to come up with a total software sold on PS3 versus 360 just to see how bad MS is really killng Sony and end this are sales are close crap!

gaffyh3958d ago

@Jason 360 - Every market matters, the fact is that if the console doesn't sell well in Japan then Japanese developers won't make games for that console, and also some Western developers won't release games for it in Japan (which I think has happened to a game on 360 already). Which means even less people will buy the console in that region.

The consoles need to sell relatively well everywhere. And also nowadays the "worldwide" market is a little bigger than last gen because gaming is expanding into other regions like Middle East, India etc...

fury3957d ago

Each to his own, I accept that. But I'm pretty sure, that there will be also a game on the PS3 that appeals to you. 2008 will be a great year for the PS3, you know.

lawman11083957d ago

and ALL of the 360's are gone except 9 arcade and 20 HALO3 edtions Looks like it could be 3 to 1 or WORSE. This is today around 3pm in New Jersey 20 mins from NYC. Looks bad folks a picture is worth a thousand words.....or in this case a few hundred PS3's Every Sony fan boy says Im an xbot I do like the 360 better but I own a 60 GB and a few games RFOM,WH,HS,Uncharted and bought R&C for my kid but if something stinks I am going to call it a turd.

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redsymphony3958d ago

who cares the money don't come to my pocket but i see wii kicking both there arsss.

Chubear3958d ago

No the money doesn't but the gaming experiences you get, when you invest in a console's exclusives, do. Gamers like you fail to realise that you makes investments too in consoles.

In the space of 6 years the average gamer will invest thousands of $$$ (anywhere from $1-10,000 with peripherals, add ons, seminars& events etc) in a console. That's more than some people invest in formal shares in some companies. You don't think you should care about your investments? just cause they aren't formally shares in the company? Wow.

redsymphony3957d ago

Chubear all you see is xbox is better than ps3 because blah blah blah and ps3 is better than xbox because blah blah blah i care less i own all 3 consoles only the cheap ones become fan boys cause they cant afford the other systsms its funny to see all these microsoft die hard fans and sony die hard fans go at it a bunch of joke. the consumer will always loose because there is always somehting on the other system they want so people like me just get all 3

v1c1ous3958d ago

but the 360 will definetaly move more software than wii+ps3 combined. it has been the same since all 3 came in the scene.

DEADEND3958d ago

I know for a fact that the 360 will out sell the PS3 this holiday session but just in NA as far as over seas concerned the PS3 will out sell it.

Chubear3958d ago

(Which it isn't) that's not a good sign at all is it? I mean a system in starting it's 3rd year only outselling a system starting it's 2nd year only by 2:1?

I remember the PS2 totally wiping the floor with the xbox for the same time period and thus one of the reason's the xbox couldn't catch up to the PS2.

There's no way a 2 year old system should only be outselling a 1 year old system by 2:1 during a holiday season, just no way if you're serious about becoming the market leader by 2012.

v1c1ous3958d ago

we're in 2007. things are not the same. if they were, the ps3 should have been outselling both wii+360 by a butt large margin.

the market is totally different. things that worked before won't work now. thank the wii for that.

BIoodmask3958d ago (Edited 3958d ago )

I fail to see the point in your argument...

Shouldn't the newer console(PS3), that has the much larger brand recognition(over 100 million PS2s and PS1's sold), and also supposedly much more power be outselling the competition no matter what. Especially when the PS3 is now only $399.

Not to mention the original Xbox was new on the market as well as Microsoft the first time around.(No brand recognition) Now that Microsoft has a little more of name behind them in the console race things have obviously changed a bit.

It is pretty apparent that this time around it is most likely that there will be more of a split in market share bw Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo and Sony will not dominate like in previous generations.

Nintendo was in third last generation and now they are on top almost every month. This should be evidence to you that things have changed quite a bit.

jctoyou3958d ago

and by the way ps3 aint 1yr old till march08 in europe

Chubear3958d ago

See the thing is gamers are either too young to remember history or just don't have the ability to see certain patterns.

Someone asked if it's not normal for a newer system to sell more than a older system. Yes it's normal if they came out 3months part and you're looking at stats from the month the newer system came out.

However thisis not the case for a system that comes out a full year ahead. See, the thing is, the older system in it's second year has gone through it's aches and pains and this is when it can start churning out games that give the gamers a much better insight to what the console can do.

Take a look at the same time period for the PS2 and xbox. The one of the main reasons the PS2 left the xbox in it's dust was that by the time the xbox could ramp up it's engines, the PS2 was already out with heavy hitters and already showing up comming games that wowed the community. The xbox just couldn't catch up.

Now you can say that was then and this is now but that would be foolhearty. There's a reason why analysts exist. They analysis data from past and present and look for patterns so as to give a decent outlook on what the future MIGHT be like. The great analysts get stuff like this right most of the time, it's like the Matrix to them and some others aren't good at all.

If you look back at how the PS2 out sold the xbox in the same time period you'll see that was the start of the insurmountable gap the PS2 had on the xbox. The 360 launched first to avoid that and be i a good positio to do the same to the PS3 but with people predicting the 360 to sale only 2:1 to the PS3 as a best/good scenerio this is bad for the 360 cause it should be way more than that at this point in time.

The 360 should have shown gamers games by now that make them say "Men, the PS3 is good but DAMN! the 360 just has way too much QUALITY games out now and have shown even more for the future" This is what happened with the community for the PS2 but it's not happening with the 360.

You need to learn from the past and not ignore it cause such knowledge can really help you out to make proper and good decisions. Only a fool ignores and waives off the past. DONT BE A FOOL.

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