Sony unveils PlayStation3 in India

Sony Computer Entertainment India (SCEI) has unveiled the new 40 GB PlayStation3 and the slim and light PSP with video out facility for the first time in India. The company also rolled out an assortment of games, including the PSP Spiderman speciality pack, PSP Simpsons speciality pack and three new games for PS3 at the launch of two-day Playstation Expo here on Saturday.

"Gaming is becoming an increasingly accepted form of entertainment amongst Indian consumers and society. We perceive this as an ideal time to expose Indian youth to the complete spread of entertainment that is possible with PlayStation", he said.

The Playstation has 60 per cent market share in virtual gaming industry in India, according to Milestone Interactive Software chairman, Jayant Sharma.

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solideagle13957d ago

can anyone tell me?

Richdad3957d ago

24900 INR, but its much higher than that of US and UK if we compare. Also when the games are not so cheap as compared to other countires. There is no mentioning of Spider man -3 BDR disk or games or anything.

supnub53957d ago

hurricane chris cd's are on sale, let me get dat handclap.

Robotz Rule3957d ago

Hurricane Chris is garbage.

WilliamRLBaker3957d ago

40 gig only? hmmm that seems to be the trend looks to me scee was right and watch out they will phase the 80 gig out globally soon.

RedSeven3957d ago

Is gaming popular in India?

Richdad3957d ago

Gaming is quite popular in Inida, especially PS2 but it doesnt sell much games due to piracy. On the other hand PC games are 2nd in popularity but they sell well here due to proper pricing.

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The story is too old to be commented.