Is this where PS3s are born?

Destructoid writes:

"A brand new PlayStation 3 is shiny and impressive when unboxed, and you'd probably never imagine that the slick, gleaming black game console was created in what looks to be an over-packed car garage.

We can't be sure if these pictures from a Chinese forum are legitimate, but CSR Asia says that they alledgedly show a Chinese PS3 factory in action. I always imagined high-tech robotic arms and laser beams doing the assembly work, but the environment in these shots look like a cross between a hospital and a sweat shop."

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MaximusPrime_3891d ago

if xbox 360 consoles were made there, that computer screen would read "Passed (i think)"

lawman11083890d ago (Edited 3890d ago )

Look at the photo's and weep Fan boys these are photo's of a HUGE stock of PS3's at one of the Best BUY's in Paramus NJ (mall capital of NJ by the way) EVERY single 360 except for 20 HALO editions and 8 Arcade SKU sold out. The photo's show how well the PS3 made out, Christmas looks bad fan boys. Dude working at BB said the 360 "sold like crazy" Hey Mac- you would make some Crap house lawyer however ANYTHING on PUBLIC display is fair game douche bag and yes I did ask how many 360 they sold and the kid working there told me as many as they had of the PS3 and he pointed to them and said they were not selling. Sorry fan boy go wash the sand out of your Vag. Ha-ha

macalatus3890d ago (Edited 3890d ago )


Did you even bother asking someone at Best Buy how many PS3 supplies they actually had and how many got sold? Or your stupid a$$ just jumped into that conclusion because you simply saw a large pile of PS3s without so much looking at other possible factors? And what do you mean by "sold like crazy"? Give me some substantial info like numbers, not some vague words.

Funny how you are actually a "cop" your Xbox Live and user ID suggest...and yet fail miserably in logical thinking (a necessary trait in fighting crime). Thank goodness I don't live in your state! Now that said, I feel terribly sorry for your cop partner who works with you. Oh, BTW, if you truly are a "cop", you would know that taking pictures in private business premises is illegal without permission. Wait, that's right... it's either your a donut-munching wannabe or a really idiotic "cop"!

PS: I really don't care what you do but please try not to look down the barrel of your pistol while clearing your weapon. A cop is a terrible thing to waste.

MaximusPrime_3890d ago


funny thing is why is there so many piles of xbox360 in UK Store. Most of PS3 consoles are "sold out".

Americans loved their American Xbox 360 and all their "shoot em up" games. So that explains why it is "sold out" in US.

Whereas we, Europeans, prefer proper multimedia console, ps3. PS3 has got far more variety of games not just shoot em up. Also we are patient. Sony did a good job delaying the console a year after xbox 360 to spend more time.

The result? less than 0.1% failure rate, compare to xbox 360 appalling 33% failure rate.

Do what you feel is alright with you and i do what i feel is alright with me.

PS3PCFTW3890d ago (Edited 3890d ago )


theres alot of big words there, so use google to fully understand the article. if youre still in denial read it again until you fully understand.

you give the 360 too much credit.

you act like usa alone can save the 360 from the beating its gonna get.
THE 360 SALES ARE 10-11 MILLION FOR USA ALONE. worldwide sales are embarrassing for 360 coming in at a paltry 1-2 mill.....2 years later. 6 continents> 1 continent. if you werent so ignorant, you would realize this.

ALAS... USA could hardly save hddvd, WORLDWIDE SALES OF BLURAY OWN HDDVD. be prepared to have no reason to exist pal, your days are numbered.

the disagrees are expected.....

it seems i made a mistake in my first figure.

ill retract my original statement of 10-11 mill. In my book, it actually is 6-7 million......... we all know ms is using rrod replacements as units in the hands of customers.

the truth eventually comes out.

Alvadr3890d ago

Cant stop laughing at Lawman.. He's such a sad little hypocrite fanboy.

He actually took photos of PS3 boxes on his phone just so he could post them on a forum to try talk down PS3 fans. And the even sadder thing is that it doesn't prove anything.

I really pity you.

jams_shop3890d ago (Edited 3890d ago )

This looks like a test center or repair shop by judging this picture

PS3PCFTW3890d ago

this is what the 360 is missing.

quality control

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Chubear3891d ago

So they think consoles are manufactured in high class hotels with swanki pillows and swimming pools?

Does the gaming media even give a toss about great informative news anymore?

v1c1ous3891d ago (Edited 3891d ago )

is that usually electronic devices as complex as videogame consoles have factories that have the product on a moving belt with robotic arms handling the putting-together of the most sensitive parts, various employees in coats overlooking the machinery, and overall a tidy environment.

not looking like a disorganized garage.

EDIT: Now that i look at it, these pics resemble more a repair center than a manufacturing center.

Chubear3891d ago

IUP knows this. I mean we've all seen the manufacturing plants for the PS1 & 2 and we're to believe the PS3 gets made in what obviously looks like some repair shop?... with no PS3s in the picture no less?

What I'm trying to get across is this blatant disregard for proper news and the likes of 1UP embrassing taboliod type journalism. The gaming media have jsut gotten way out of hand and they need to check themselves before they totally mess themselves up.

PS3PCFTW3891d ago

on the other hand, if this in fact is a ps3 factory......360s would rrod(die) to be made here. OHHHHHH wait they are.

actas1233891d ago

This is probably where they make the chinese fake PS3.

Salvadore3891d ago

What's up with the pink?

AznSniper3891d ago

It's probably used to keep the dust off.

kreetah3891d ago

Pink polly foam is a standard method used for static control in electronics manufacturing. ESD is not good for for electronic components.

Premonition3891d ago

I dont see any signs of PS3's in there, so I dont know whats going on here and why they think so.

ReBurn3890d ago

You mean aside from all of those pictures with the PS3's in them, right?

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