9.0 Reviews Battlefield 3

TerminalGamer writes: The long awaited, much hyped release of Battlefield 3 has come and gone, and we have went to war with the game for a week. Did it live up to its expectations, or was it dead on arrival? Check out our review to find out.

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ftwrthtx1668d ago

Great online shooter. The story was a little bit of a letdown, but then again this is Battlefield.

OcularVision1667d ago

It really seems like you didn't read the review and went straight to comments to state the obvious.

ftwrthtx1667d ago

Ummm.....actually I wrote the review.

The story was good, but not great. I wish they would have put a little more effort into the story, but Battlefield is all about the online aspect, so for the series, it was the best Battlefield story yet.

kc_chang1668d ago

I'll have to get this bad boy soon.

TerminalGamer1667d ago

Online is where this game is truly the best.

ExPresident1667d ago

Absolutely loving my purchase!