Nightmare Mode Review: Battlefield 3

It's not perfect, but Battlefield 3's single-player game is better than you've heard, and in some ways better than the Call of Duty games it often emulates.

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Szarky2366d ago (Edited 2366d ago )

I heard it wasn't good so I played it myself and I found it really wasn't that good at all.

Dlacy13g2365d ago

Completely agree... I was shocked at the amount of QTE, on Rails and Follow Me things there are in this campaign. BIG disappointment for me. MP is still great though...

gamingdroid2365d ago (Edited 2365d ago )

It was among the worst single player campaigns I have played in recent time!

It was a minor step above BC2, which is to say it is a minor step above turd.

So yes, it is as bad as you heard....

There were also tons of glitches. I ran into a room then I couldn't get out. Yup, somehow the doorway was a one way doorway!

otherZinc2365d ago

ABSOLUTELY! Agree with the 1st 3 comments!

Linear, Set Piece after SET PIECE, "shoot this guy, shoot that car, follow that guy, shoot those lights... all damn day.

Single Player is trash! and I knew it!

Graphics were terrible for all the overhyping of this game.

Most of all, Half-Life 2 wasn't linear! If you call Half-Life linear, all games are linear. There is no possible way to do anything linear in this game!

Rental at best!

GezForce2365d ago

In my opinion i thought it was excellent, completed campaign on hard and replayed to collect those trophies. playing the russian levels are a big highlight. especially the pool house level where you can basically trash the whole building with an m60. fun.

Organization XII2365d ago

Thank god im not the only one enjoyed it. I guess it could've been better with a bit more effort. But it's no way as bad as critics are saying.

Mutant-Spud2364d ago

Yeah it's stinker, I'm getting to grips with the multiplayer (Which I also bagged earlier) and having myself a time but the SP is just awful, take two steps, die, repeat until you figure out the enemy spawn sequence then go to next on-rails event.

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DasBunker2366d ago

I haven't even played the SP.. too busy leveling up on the MP, i have like 5 hours of gameplay and i havent seen all the maps completely.

zeph942365d ago

I'm only about a 1/4 - 1/3 through the single player and I think it's ok. The graphics and voice acting are great but the story isn't too engaging. I find myself getting bored after a mission or two. I also hate how much it feels like call of duty in SP. Thanks to MP it's one of my favorite games to date. Right behind 1942

Jdrm032365d ago

I finished the sp before even playing the mp.

I think the hate is over exaggerated.

It's not great, but it definitely is not as bad as most people made it out to be.

I would give a straight 7. It's just average.

Hicken2365d ago

I honestly don't care about the SP all that much. I bought it for what I expected would be a superb MP experience, and I wasn't disappointed.

That said, the campaign isn't as good as the BC series, but it's not the complete and utter trash that people make it out to be.

Overall, I'm expecting that all these people bashing BF3's campaign will be singing the same tune when it's the same thing for MW3, only with a less than stellar MP to fall back on.

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