Failures of 2008: Devil May Cry 4, Splinter Cell Conviction and Haze?

The class of 2007 learnt a pretty good lesson, too much hype results in a fundamentally flawed game. Rarely has there been a case that a game that has been running on a million shots of morphine, been able to cross the line of both critical acclaim and sales, with the year ending the buzz has already started on the lineup of 2008.

Production for DMC 4 started off with a bang and then Capcom decided to give gamers a bigger bang by announcing the title for the "Dead (Now) Rising" Xbox 360. The game's officially in production since the announcement of the PS3 and by the looks of it the game might just go down the alley as 2008's biggest disappointment.

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Evil0Angel3952d ago (Edited 3952d ago )

cannot wait for this stealth serious(for me, if u disagree i do not give flyin [email protected]@K).ESPECIALY if they can deliver what they promiced with the A.I BUT BUT to be honest i think it is going to be massive massive flop beside TOOHUMAN-KILLZONE 2-FABLE 2(all this games are in my TOP 10 games for 2008)
2008 FTW (N I N J A - G A I D E N - 2)

[email protected]:i am not talkin about sales, but the game it self.KILLZONE 2 has the biggest chance of being the biggest flop in the history

Mwaan3952d ago

Too Human won't sell, but I still think it'll be a great game and can't wait for it. Killzone 2 has no chance of flopping, at least not in sales. Fable 2?! Are you serious?! It will sell millions and be one of the best games of 2008. Peter has dialed back the hype meter so he shouldn't get the same backlash he got for Fable 1. Even though Fable 1 was short and easy, it's one of my favorite games of all time.

mikeslemonade3952d ago

Killzone 2 has in development for a while, they have about 120 people working on the game, and it's supposed to be the most expensive game yet. It may not get 10s and anything short of a 9 is sort of a dissapointment because so much money was put into the game, but a 9 or a 8.5 doesn't make a game a flop. I think the flops are going to be:
DMC4- too much of the same
Haze- too shallow
Fable 2- too different in a bad way
Alan Wake- too ambitious

sonarus3952d ago (Edited 3951d ago )

too human will flop: Been in production for so long and they havnt been able to show something that makes us gamers want to play it.

Splinter cell will so flop and it will flop so hard: The open environment was a very very bad idea and the A.I. will be garbage just like how stupid assasins creed's A.I. is. I remember how they made so much noise about how their A.I. is so top notch but i have to say the A.I. here is less than average expect the same from splinter cell.

I don't think DMC4 will flop: It will still appeal to the DMC fans out there but it might not necessarily draw in a new crowd. That being said i am not a DMC fan but there is a reasonable amount of hype behind it to not make it flop. Also the complaint about the loading could probably be resolved with the ps3's standard hard drive load times can easily be eliminated but am sure they wanted to limit differences between the two versions

Fable won't flop

Killzone 2 won't flop it has already blown ppl away by its visuals and they are doing the right thing by not showing too much. However in a market over saturated with FPS's you have to make a lot more improvements than just visuals so at this stage it would be really hard for KZ2 to flop they are pretty much already on the right path.

Haze: I really am not sure if this will be a flop or not. I do agree that the game has average visuals but i do think it looks better than halo before you hate on me i do have halo and i have played it and IMO it has pretty much average visuals as well. The nectar concept will make or break haze. If we really like it no flop if we dnt huge flop. From the looks of it, it will probably flop games that get pushed back last min usually do

Greysturm3952d ago (Edited 3952d ago )

But we cant judge a game before it comes out. As much as i think the next SC is gonna be crap from what i been hearing we cant say its gonna bomb and the same can be said for the other games. By actually giving us lower expectations they are in a better standing point ffor when they finally launch.

AT:¨Evil Angel

I disagree with your list

2006: Oblivion (general consensus)
2007: Mario Galaxy/Bioshock (as good as mass effect is it didnt receive critical acclaim by all parties (8s, the 7 (edge) and the 6 (pcreview) still aaa but no game of the year)
2008: God of War 3, Killzone 2, FF13, Little Big planet, Gears of War 2, Smash Bros and my personal favorite MGS4.

Bladestar3952d ago (Edited 3952d ago )

" too much hype results in a fundamentally flawed game"... what? so... how come ALL PS3 games are not listed here... So, Kill Zone 2, Metal Gear, Final Fantasy, Little big planet are not hyped?

I think is the other way around... most hyped game tend to be great games... people get hyped for a reason... and companies try hard to deliver... for example COD4 was hyped.. good game... Mass Effect was hyped.. good game... Gears... Encharted.. good game..

Greysturm3952d ago

Is he still undecided if they are gonna be crap or not. The only one in that list that could really suck and dissapoint is killzone but it is entirely dependant on how much satisfying the gameplay (offline with the ai and online with modes and vehicles) is since by the tech demo so far we know graphics and animations are so far living up to the hype for most. LBP even nintendo wants it so its a sucess regardless, MG and FF have proven themselves time and time again as games loved by some hated by others and thats not changing even if they suck. Other games that need to be on that list are Too human, (we could add fable 2 but its gonna suffer the same or worse fate than the original since nothing groundbreaking seems to have been added by his developer diary) Halo wars (and if it exists Peter Jacksons Halo) and Smash bros (who i am kidding this game is gonna be great).

v1c1ous3952d ago (Edited 3952d ago )

we know MGS4 and FF13 will be good because we are all psychics.

i mean, forget the fact that MGS2 almost made the entire videogame industry piss themselves with rage, or how FF12 tops the list in most boring/hated FF in user polls...


mistertwoturbo3952d ago

MGS4 and FFXIII has nothing to worry about. It doesn't matter if it's not a "HIT" to you. It will sell millions of copies and millions of consoles along with them.

Now God of War 3? That's a guaranteed hit.

BigPenguin3951d ago

I was under the impression that FF12 was one of the more liked FF's?

I know it personally clocks in at #3 for me after 6 and 10. Perhaps I visit different sites then you.

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sleepbox3952d ago

this website sux, popups galore

wasupman3952d ago

i swear some people just say stuff just so they can come back and say "i told u so" u can judge any of these games before they come out

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